Skateboarding is seeking inclusion in the Olympic Programme

The International Skateboarding Federation intends to seek inclusion in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Programme. In December 2014 after the IOC had adopted Olympic Agenda-2020 Skateboarding received a chance to become Olympic sport.

One of its 40 proposals gives the host country the right to choose one or several sports to be included in the Olympic Programme. This is what the Skateboarding Federation is counting on. Its Head, Tim Mcferran, in his interview to the Around the Rings sport portal said that he had already met with the Tokyo-2020 Organizing Committee representatives. “We have serious intentions to forward our sport into the Olympic Games in Tokyo and I am sure that our initiative was well accepted by the Japanese side. It’s great that now we have an opportunity to make Skateboarding – a street activity loved by millions of youngsters all over the world – the Olympic sport”.

It should be noted that  IOC President  Thomas Bach talked about the inclusion of new sports in the Olympic Programme last weekend during his visit to Moscow. He does not exclude the possibility of Skateboarding or Climbing joining the Olympic Family from as early as the Tokyo Games.