The mascots of the 2016 Games have been named Vinicius and Tom

The mascots of the Rio de Janeiro Olympic and Paralympic Games have been named Vinicius and Tom respectively. These names were picked by the citizens of Brazil through an internet vote, – reported the AFP French news agency.

The Symbols of the 2016 Games were named after famous Brazilian musicians and composers Vinicius de Moraes and Tom (Antonio) Jobim. The names won 44 percent of citizens’ votes.

Earlier it was reported that the Games’ mascots will be representing the Brazilian fauna and flora. Thus Vinicius, according to the Brazilians, is a yellow animal   combines elements of a monkey and a parrot, and Tom, embodies the image of flora, presented in the form of a blue and green plant, which combines the elements of a flower and a tree.

600 day to go until the first ever South American Olympic Games opening ceremony. In Brazil, the athletes will compete for 306 sets of medals.