Fifteen New Events were Included into the 2020 Olympic Programme

On June 9, 2017   at the meeting of the IOC Executive Committee in Lausanne it was decided to include 15 new disciplines in the 2020  Olympic program. As a result, the largest number of women in the Olympic history will perform in Tokyo. Also the number of mixed competitions will  rise from 9 to 18.

According to the official website of the IOC, 3X3 Basketball and women’s rowing competitions were added to the programme.

Some mixed competitions will be added as well:  mixed doubles competition in table tennis,   track and field 4x400m mixed relay, archery mixed events, triathlon mixed relay race, judo mixed team event.

In addition, added female and male Madison in cycling on the track and discipline BMX-freestyle. In swimming, three sets are added: 800 meters for men, 1500 meters for women and mixed combined relay race 4х100 meters.

The IOC Executive Committee decided to add  women’s team rapier  and men’s team saber in Fencing.

Rowing slalom competitions among women’s canoe-singles are included instead of the male canoe-doubles. IOC also adjusted the men’s weightlifting program, eliminating one weight category for the sake of gender equality.

The number of weight  categories in women’s boxing has been increased from three to five, and the number of men’s categories has been reduced from ten to eight.

Also, the IOC approved the proposal of the International Sports Shooting Federation (ISSF) to replace three men’s events (rifle, pistol and double trap) by three mixed team events   (10m rifle, 10m pistol and  ladder).

Along with the introduction of new disciplines into the Olympic program in 15 sports, in 2020 the total number of quotas for athletes   reduced by 285 in comparison with the 2016 Games. The most changes will affect track and field – their total number will be reduced by 105. The total number of quotas in aquatic events will decrease by 40. In weightlifting, the number of quotas   will decrease by 64, and in the fight – by 56.

Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo will be held from July 24 to August 9, 2020.