The 10th edition of the World Conference on Sport and the Environment opened in Sochi

On October 30 the 10th edition of the World Conference on Sport and the Environment officially got under way in Sochi. The Conference will last until November 1. Thomas Bach, the President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Aleksandr Zhukov, the President of the Russian Olympic Committee, Dmitrii Kozak, Deputy Chairperson of the Government of the Russian Federation and Sergei Donskoi, Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology, will take part in the Conference.

In addition, the event brought together more than 400 representatives and partners of the Olympic Movement, of the international business community, experts, as well as public and political figures.

In his welcoming remarks, Alexander Zhukov, the President of the Russian Olympic Committee, said that 2013 year was declared the Year of Environmental Protection by the Russian Federation Presidential Decree.

“There is very little time before the Olympic Winter Games, and we can see that the preparation for the Games are being conducted in compliance with environmental regulations. Within the framework of construction of the Olympic venues the principles of environmental conservation were taken into account. A lot of programs for nature protection are being realized, not only in Sochi but also in other parts of the Krasnodar region. Soon we will see the main event of the quadrennium – the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi. These Games will leave not only the sporting heritage in our country, in the Krasnodar region, but also a comprehensive ecosystem improvement program”- said the Head of the ROC.

The conference will address the problems of efficient management and the search of solutions for the implementation of major sports projects in relation to environmental issues and the prospects for the development of the world economy.

Raha Moharrak (the first woman from Saudi Arabia who conquered Mount Everest), Lewis Pugh, the first swimmer to complete a ​​long-distance swim in all oceans of the world, will address the meeting. The IOC “Sport and Environment”Awards will be presented for the achievements and the initiatives in the sphere of environmental protection. Prizes will be presented to the winners, representing different continents.

In the course of the event the issues of sports development, as one of the means of conservation and environmental improvement, will also be raised.

The III IOC recognition program “Sport and Environment”  will be presented and the winner  of the same-name competition will be awarded in the framework of the business part of the conference.

The participants of the event, among other issues, will discuss the legacy of the XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi 2014.

As you know, the World Conference on Sport and Environment is held every two years by the International Olympic Committee in collaboration with several reputable partners such as the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP). It is one of the most important international events in the fields of environment and sports.

The Russian Ministry of Natural Resources, with the support of the Russian Olympic Committee, the Organizing Committee “Sochi-2014” and the Ministry of Sports and Tourism of Russia acts as the organizer on the Russian side.

The event will end with a final press conference, in which the representatives of the IOC, the ROC Ministry of Natural Resources and the Organizing Committee “Sochi-2014” will answer questions from journalists.