The head of the ROC believes that the Adler Arena can be moved to the Sochi Mountain cluster

One of the most pressing issues on the agenda is what to do with the sports venues after the Olympic Games . At the briefing, held on Thursday, February 13th, the President of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC)  Alexander Zhukov said  there was an idea of creating a mid-mountain skating center in Sochi after the  Olympic Games. It was expected to put up this center using the equipment of the Adler Arena, but it requires careful consideration.

After the Games the Adler Arena Skating Center will be converted into a conference centre for large events for more efficient usage.

“There is an idea – it is now being considered  – said Zhukov at the briefing . – I think it is quite interesting – to try move the equipment and this ice rink upward, maybe about a mile closer to Laura Biathlon and Ski Complex, to have a  mid-mountain skating rink. However, this is still just an idea and it is necessary to perform economic research”.