Alexander Zhukov: A historical awards ceremony was held

The award ceremony for the Olympic champions, which took place on Monday, February 10,  was marked by three events that happend for the first time: the Russian team was awarded the first gold medal of the XXII Olympic Winter Games, it was awarded in the new figure skating team event and it was presented by the President of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC)  Alexander Zhukov in his debut as a representative of the International Olympic Committee.

Alexander Zhukov, the head of the ROC, shared his emotions: “The feelings that I’m experiencing are just incredible. It  was very pleasant for me to present those medals, especially since it’s the first gold of our team at the Olympic Games in Sochi. Thousands of people who came to greet our champions have gathered in the square. We have a great team. You get so inspired when you hear the names our gold medalists. The athletes were also very happy, as well as their fans. It was a truly historic awards ceremony”.

“Each member of the IOC may present a total of 3 medals, moreover they have to  sigh up for this presentation in advance. I signed up for the team figure skating long time ago, because I expected that our athletes would become the winners or at least the medalists. And so it happened. Now I still have two more times”,  – said Alexander Zhukov, but he didn’t reveal the secret, what these competitions will be.