Alexander Zhukov: “Russia’s weight in sports will help Sambo enter the Olympic family”

Russian national Sambo team won the President’s Sambo Cup, which was first held in London.

President of the Russian Olympic Committee and a member of the International Olympic Committee Alexander Zhukov, President of the International Sambo Federation Vasiliy Shestakov, First Vice-President of the International Sambo Federation Andrey Klyamko, President of the European Sambo Federation and the Russian Sambo Federation Sergey Eliseev, President of the Commonwealth Sambo Association Lord Simon Reading, President of the British Sambo Federation Martin Clarke, President  of the Byelorussian Sambo Federation  Vladimir Yaprintsev and President of the Azerbaijan Sambo Federation Jeyhun Mammadov attended the solemn opening ceremony.

On their way to the final the Russian team first defeated the national team of Belarus with a score 6-3 and later on – the national team of Kazhakhstan 7-2. In the final, the Russians won by beating the host-team, the British athletes with a score of 9-0. A lot of enthusiastic fans both from our country  and from Europe came to support our athletes.

It is worth noting that despite the fact that the British fans were actively cheering their fighters, they also appreciated the technique and the strength of the Russian team, each victory of our athletes was greeted with applause.

The teams of Kazakhstan and Belarus won the bronze medals.

According to the audience and the experts the tournament was amazing. Many of those who decided to visit the event, came there with kids. The athletes were supported enthusiastically and the guests were welcomed warmly.

Alexander Zhukov said:

“It’s very important for us that such a big and representative tournament as the President’s Cup attracts public, experts and the media. This is a great promotion for the sport that the Russian Olympic Committee is actively promoting to the program of the Olympic Games.

The successful organization of the Sochi Olympic Winter Games, worthy performance of our athletes, the level of international tournaments held in the country — this all can also help Sambo enter the Olympic family, considering  Russia’s influence as the sports power.

After all, Sambo wrestling originated in the Soviet Union and in this kind of program Russian wrestlers show excellent results in the international arena. They won all the major tournaments, held last year, including the World Championship held in St. Petersburg. We will soon take part in the World championship in Japan and we expect a very tough competition.

Sambo has become an international sport. It has been included into the Asian Beach Games and the European Games. The International Federation is working actively. For our part, we are providing all possible assistance. All these steps lead to the fact that eventually Sambo will gain Olympic status to which we aspire.

The current London tournament is just a very useful from this point of view. And for our team it is also a stage of preparation for the main start of the season. From the point of view of the organization the tournament was held at the highest level. It was dynamic and spectacular. I am happy for our athletes, who once again proved their strength. However, that is not surprising. This is a Team Cup after all and we have historically been the best in this kind of competition. Now we wish good luck to the Russian national team in Tokyo and we wish injured Vadim Nemcov come back as soon as possible.”