The head of the ROC Alexander Zhukov congratulated Viktor Ahn on bronze

The head of the Russian Olympic Committee congratulated Viktor Ahn, who has won the bronze medal in the short track for the Russian team, on winning the medal and shared details of the conversation with the champion:

“When I was waiting for the figure skating medal award ceremony, I met Victor Ahn and had a little talk with him. He said he was very pleased with the result. According to him, he could fight harder, but he did not want to take risks, because he still has a lot of events ahead. There is still 500m race – the distance he prefers to 1,500m, he also will run a long 1,000m distance and participate in the relay. The bronze medal is also very good. Ahn said that he will keep on fighting”.

Viktor Ahn brought the first in the history of the Russian team Olympic medal in short track. At the XXII Olympic Winter Games the Russian won the bronze medal in 1,500-meters short track with a time of 2 minutes 15.062 seconds.