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    Stanislav Pozdnyakov:

    Dear friends and honorable members of our large Russian Olympic family!

    At the end of each outgoing year, it is customary to sum up the relevant results. Today it is easier than ever to do this, because the main event of 2021 — the Olympic Games in Tokyo — was held. All of us — athletes, coaches, sports leaders, and the ROC staff — prepared for this event during a long, tumultuous time: the cycle lasted five years instead of the usual four. However, despite all the trials and tribulations, the Games took place.

    In Japan, our team gave a brilliant performance, and I would once again like to congratulate our splendid team. This is the result of the work of our entire friendly team, which includes all representatives of Russian sport.

    In difficult times, when the consequences of the pandemic still remain, we have become much stronger and more united. Now we are not afraid of anything and we are looking forward to the future: preparations are already underway in accordance with the schedule that was approved at the Olympic meeting.

    Right now is the time for you to gather with your family and friends to celebrate this wonderful holiday. On New Year’s Eve, you will make wishes that will surely come true in the upcoming year. I am sure that when making New Year wishes, you will not forget about our Olympians, who are set to perform at the XXIV Olympic Winter Games in Beijing quite soon. Let the whole country wish them success and support them with all our hearts.

    Dear friends! I congratulate you on the upcoming New Year. I would like to wish you fortitude, excellent health, a great mood and major success in Russian sport!

    Happy New Year!


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