Galina Gorokhova: “The Sochi Olympic Games have given Russia a true sporting unity”

December 12 in Moscow, a solemn event took place. It was devoted to the results of the program called Olympic Legends to the Children of Russia, and to honoring the champions and medalists of the IX Olympic Winter Games held in Innsbruck in 1964 and the XVIII Olympic Games held in Tokyo in 1964. The program and the solemn event were organized by the Russian Union of Athletes  with the support of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC).

The program Olympic Legends to the Children of Russia has been held for a number of years in different regions of the country. The Russian Union of Athletes has devoted great effort to supporting sports veterans, transferring vast sports experience to the young athletes, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle, encouraging children and young people to participate in sporting activities regularly and stimulating the development of mass sports.

Today these major goals and objectives are the basic components of the State policy in the field of sport, and of the legacy left by the Sochi Olympic Winter Games.

Popularization of values and ideals of the Olympic movement and of the legendary history of the national sport, upbringing of youth using the   example of the Russian Olympic champions, ensuring the continuity of generations, promotion of a volunteer movement among sports veterans, Olympic champions and medalists, implementation of a number of programs, including the Olympic Legends to the Children of Russia – these are only a few of the activities performed by the Union of Athletes with the direct participation of the Russian Olympic Committee.

In particular, the Olympic Patrol project, which was launched in July this year in the largest children’s centers and camps, including the Russian Children’s Center Orlyonok in the Krasnodar Territory and Artek in Crimea. It is actively working at schools in different regions of Russia. More than 22 thousand boys and girls have already participated in the Patrol.

Within this project, children get the opportunity not only to communicate with outstanding athletes, but also to get professional advice from the  Olympic champions, which can encourage them to continue practicing sports in order to achieve good results.

The Russian Union of Athletes has also developed a comprehensive charity program Olympic Legends and the Youth of Russia. This program is the largest volunteer project of the Olympic champions of Russia involving 300,000 thousand of residents of the regions, 250 sports veterans and Olympic champions and medalists. The program is planned for the near future.

Galina Gorokhova, President of the Russian Union of Athletes, three-time Olympic champion and nine-time World Champion in fencing has opened a solemn event with a welcoming speech.

“Thanks to the support of the Russian Olympic Committee, the ROC Promotion Council and the Russian Olympians Foundation, we were able to carry out a wonderful project called Olympic Legends to the Children of Russia. More than two hundred Olympic champions and medalists took part in it;  we have covered 35 cities and in each of them young children participated in the competitions and had an opportunity to chat with Olympic champions. Today we are really doing a great job. After the implementation of this program, many children went to sports schools and this is very important for us. After the Sochi Games there is a true sporting unity in Russia, and the people of our country again feel that they live in a great power.”

President of the Russian Olympic Committee Alexander Zhukov congratulated the champions of the 1964 Winter and Summer Olympic Games on the 50th anniversary of their glorious victories. Zhukov also mentioned the critical importance of the participation of Olympians in charitable, social and community programs aimed at promoting sports and healthy living in our country.

“I congratulate all the champions present here on the 50th anniversary of the two 1964 Olympic Games, held in Innsbruck and in Tokyo. It is very important that  today, half a century later, the victors of the those Games still continue to actively participate in the Olympic movement and doing a really valuable work.   Children’s eyes really shine after those meetings with the Olympic champions. They actually touch the history and feel the greatness and power of the Russian sport. Many do go to sports schools and I am very grateful to all the Olympians for devoting their best efforts to this noble cause, the importance of which cannot be overestimated.”

The ceremony was attended by 30 champions and medalists of Innsbruck and Tokyo Olympic Games. Boris Mayorov, a two-time Olympic champion and a multiple world champion (ice hockey) has given a response speech.

On the 50th anniversary of  the 1964 Olympic success, our famous champions were awarded prizes. That evening all those present were honoring Vitaly Davydov, Stanislav Petukhov, Alexander Privalov, Vladimir Orlov, Valentina Stenina, Georgiy Monzolevskiy, Vitaly Kovalenko, Nicholay Burobin, Boris Lagutin, Alexander Ivanitskiy, Tamara Press, Tatiana Tikhonina, Tatiana Rodionova, Inna Ryskal, Igor Ter-Ovhanesyan, Galina Alekseeva, Boris Mayorov, Larisa Latynina, Lyudmila Aseyeva, Boris Dubrovskiy, Vyacheslav Ivanov, Anatoliy Grishin, Mark Rakita, Galina Prozumenschikova, Yuriy Titov, Sergey Diomidov, Victor Lisitskiy, Victor Leontyev, Evgenia Penyaeva and Galina Gorokhova.