Mayor of Novoshakhtinsk thanked the ROC for helping the city’s schools in the framework of the Olympic Country program

The ROC received a letter from Novoshakhtinsk, signed by the city mayor Igor Sorokin, in which he   expressed gratitude to the leaders of the ROC for assistance in equipping local school sports clubs in the framework program of assistance to   mass sports development Olympic Country.

To: General Director of
the Russian Olympic Committee
V. B. Sengleev

Dear Vladimir Borisovich!

The administration of Novoshakhtinsk, as well as  schools No. 4 and No. 40  express huge gratitude to you for the organization and carrying out of competitive selection of regional public associations’ progects created for the development and promotion of the Olympic movement (Olympic regional councils), in the framework of the Olympic Country program of the Russian Olympic Committee.  Thanks to which projects of  creation of sports centre Sports MIX and  Sports club  Pulse – the health  territory could  get equipment for school sports clubs, which will allow them increase students’ motivation  to practice  sports.

On our part, we will make every effort for the development of the Olympic movement, sports and healthy lifestyle.

The mayor of the city
I. N. Sorokin