ROC President Alexander Zhukov congratulated the staff of the Theory and Practice of Physical Culture journal

December 4, 2015 celebrates 90th anniversary of the foundation of the Theory and Practice of Physical Culture scientific and theoretical journal. On the day of the anniversary President of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) Alexander Zhukov congratulated the editorial board and staff of the journal.

Dear friends!

On behalf of the Russian Olympic Committee, I cordially congratulate you on the 90th anniversary of the foundation of your journal – the oldest scientific and theoretical periodical in the field of physical culture and sport in our country.

This journal made a huge contribution to the national sport and the Olympic movement, the development of sports information space, professional coverage of the problems connected with the Olympic movement, elite sport and ‘sport for all’.

The high quality of publications and qualified team of authors contributed to the fact that your magazine has justly received recognition from the public in Russia and abroad, proved by its inclusion in the international Science Citation database.

I am convinced that, as before, your journal will systematically publish  scientific and methodological materials revealing the urgent problems of the professional and mass sports, promotion of the Olympic movement and Olympic knowledge.

I wish you success and realization of all your plans – the message of ROC President Alexander Zhukov says.