ROC President Alexander Zhukov congratulated all sports fans on the International Day of Sport

President of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) Alexander Zhukov congratulated all sports fans on the International Day of Sport, which was first celebrated this year:

“On behalf of the Russian Olympic Committee, I am pleased to congratulate all sports fans and followers of a healthy lifestyle on the International Day of Sport. The International Day of Sport is celebrated for the first time on an initiative of the International Olympic Committee, and hopefully it will become a good tradition for our country and for the whole world. On this day all countries and nations will speak the same language – the universal language of sport.

For some people, sport is a constant component of their active and healthy life, for others it is a colorful performance, some people choose sports as a profession. But for everybody sport starts with small – with physical education lessons, with the first street teams, with the first lessons in the gym. Mass physical culture and sport open endless opportunities for harmonious development to each of us. If one chooses a sport, which suits his abilities and character, if one is persistent, purposeful, if one reasonably combines sports with education, he can achieve a lot even reach Olympic heights.

Our country is not only a great sporting nation, but also one of the world leaders in Olympic education. Joining the holiday, you will not only contribute to the development and promotion of sport, but also get a chance to see new opportunities for personal growth and self-improvement.

I wish you all to become a part of the celebration and share the joy of being healthy, active and athletic!”

On Sunday, April 6, the International Day of Sport is celebrated for the first time. This holiday was established by the United Nations for the Development and Peace.

The International Day of Sport will be celebrated every year from this year forth. It was created to promote sports and physical activity, it serves as a universal language and an innovative tool for education, health, social inclusion, youth development, peacebuilding and sustainable development in general. This day will also serve as a platform to support investing in sports in the future.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC), acting as a permanent observer to the United Nations, supports this initiative. The main mission of the IOC  is to place sport at the service of the harmonious development of humankind.

“This day is considered as a supplement to the flagship event – Olympic Day, which celebrates such values as friendship, excellence and respect and inspires millions of people around the world to play sports and lead an active lifestyle. Members of the Olympic family and world sports movement play a special role in this holiday – we will have to demonstrate the interdependence between everyday well-being of society and sport at all levels from amateur fitness to elite competitions”, – said the IOC President Thomas Bach.