Elena Zamolodchikova: “The tournament was created in order to turn routine competitions into a sporting event”

September 19 in Moscow at the Sambo-70 sports center the IV children’s artistic gymnastics tournament for prizes of the double Olympic champion Elena Zamolodchikova was held. Among the guests of the competition there were Olympic champions and prize-winners of the past years, famous artistic gymnastics coaches, and among the participants there was the European champion-2016, silver medalist of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro Seda Tutkhalyan.

Before the start of the tournament, the Honorary Vice-President of the Russian Olympic Committee, the diving Olympic champion Vladimir Vasin handed Renat Laishev,  General Director of the Sambo-70, a letter of thanks signed by the ROC President Alexander Zhukov for his contribution to the development and promotion of the Olympic movement.

The diploma of the ROC and valuable gifts were awarded to the two-time Olympic champion in artistic gymnastics Elena Zamolodchikova, who celebrated her birthday!

In the Olympic hope nomination, the ROC   diploma was given to Ksenia Tyuzhaeva.

 – Our tournament is a very important and exciting event in the life of any athlete, and I am no exception, –  Elena Zamolodchikova told the Information Service. – I think that, at the Olympic Games I worried less than when we were preparing for the first tournament four years ago. The idea was to turn routine competitions into a sporting event, where children would enjoy the process. Now we can say that we succeeded!

Many thanks to the Russian Olympic Committee, which supported our project from the very beginning and continues to support it. Many thanks to the Federation of Artistic Gymnastics and sponsors for wonderful gifts. Many thanks to honorable guests, who honored our tournament with their presence.

I also want to express special gratitude to Seda Tutkhalyan for the decision to take part in the competitions this year. Thus she gave me a wonderful gift for the anniversary! Seda is the idol of many beginning gymnasts who are now in the hall and who have a unique opportunity to see her performance and chat with the silver medalist of the 2016 Olympic Games!

By the way, among the participants of the tournament there my student as well –  silver medalist of the Moscow championship, candidate master and an excellent student Anastasia Novoselova. Very promising girl …

The best Moscow gymnasts, promoted by their schools participate in the competitions. But this does not mean that we are closed to athletes from other cities. Last year, for example, a team from Vladimir came to visit us. We are glad to welcome everyone who loves gymnastics!