Yevgeny Petrov, Tamara Press and Antonina Seredina became the heroes of the “Olympic legend” meeting

Olympic champions Yevgeny Petrov, Tamara Press and Antonina Seredina became the heroes of the meeting held within the “Olympic legend” project, organized by the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) in cooperation with the Russian Athletes Union (RAU) and the Visa company.

This time the meeting was held on board the Radisson cruise  ship on the Moscow River. Traditionally, the communication with our Olympic champions was held in a friendly atmosphere. The athletes described how they achieved their victories and told some interesting life stories. After all, the champions have plenty of such stories under their belt. However, the organizers also did their part. Not only did they  prepare the gifts, but they also picked out the Champions’ photos and showed them on the screen of the ship. This surprise delighted the people who still remember how national anthem was played on the world stage in honor of  their victories.

“This is unbelievable. These are not just pictures, these are  real memories that are priceless. Honestly, I can’t even imagime where they could find such rare photographs. I’m so pleased that the younger generation remembers our successes. I can say that in everyone’s life there are days that will be remembered for a lifetime. This day will become one of such moments for me”, – admitted Tamara Press after viewing photographs.

Yevgeny Petrov, who won a gold medal in shooting at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City, has celebrated his 75th anniversary last October. Yevgeny Petrov also won a silver medal at the 1972 Munich Games.  He became world champion six times and three times he was second at the world championships. He is a five-time champion of Europe and a four-time silver medalist of a continental championship. He has also got bronze medals of the European champioship and he is an absolute world record-holder.  When  his sports career ended, he became a coach. He was the head coach  at the 1976 Olympic Games, and at the 1992 Olympic Games he was the head coach of the joint team.

According to Petrov, he doesn’t really like to be the center of attention and to take part in social events, but the last meeting was a pleasant exception. “The ROC, the RAU and the Visa company have created a great project. I thoroughly enjoyed today’s meeting and communication”, – said Petrov.

 Tamara Press was on top of an Olympic podium in track-and-field athletics  three times — two times as discus thrower  and once as shot putter. At the 1960 Olympic Games in Rome she won gold medal in shot put and silver in discus throwing. At the next Olympic Games in 1964 in Tokyo she became a champion in both disciplines. Tamara Press won European and the USSR Championships many times and she was the world record holder. After retiring from the sports she was engaged in coaching and in research work, where she also showed her champion character and became a Candidate of pedagogic sciences.

Antonina Seredina is a two-time 1960 Olympic champion in rowing –  in single scull and in pairs together with Maria Shubina. At the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico City she won the bronze medal in kayak pairs with Lyudmila Pinayeva. She became the winner of the world championships twice and three times she was second. She became the winner of the European championships thee times. She won bronze at the 1968 Olympic Games. She participated in the next Olympic Games in Mexico as a coach and  her pupil Yulia Ryabchinskaya became a champion then. After Ryabchinskaya two more  pupils of  Antonina Seredina –  Nina Gopova and Galina Kreft — became the winners of the Olympic Games.

“I have never missed the Olympic Games since 1960, neither summer nor winter . First I went to  the Olympic Games as an athlete, then as a coach and now as a supporter. I am planing to go to Sochi as well. The most memorable were the Olympic Games in Rome –  those were my first Games. I was very nervous, of course, but Italy greeted us very friendly and the atmosphere was so awesome there that Rome-1960 became unforgettable”,- remembered Antonina Seredina.

The purpose of  the “Olympic Legend” is to support the veterans of the national sports, to develop  the volunteer movement aimed at supporting the legends of the Olympic movement and to distribute the knowledge about the history of the Olympic Games  among the younger generation.

The project was also created to let the veterans of the national sports and the Olympians relive the best moments of their sporting careers, share their memories with the volunteers and the youngsters and to realize that they and their sporting achievements haven’t been forgotten by the younger generation of Russians. The project will run until December 2013.

Information about the Russian Olympic Committee

The All-Russian Union of Non-Governmental Associations “The Russian Olympic Committee” (ROC) constitutes a non-governmental association – a union of legal entities, which are non-governmental associations of physical culture and sport orientation. The ROC is an independent, voluntary, non-governmental, self-governed, non-profit association of physical culture and sports orientation, recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC ).

The official site of the Russian Olympic Committee is

Information about the Russian Athletes Union

The Russian Athletes Union  (RAU) is an All-Russian public organization. There are fifty three regional offices from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok and Yakutsk  within its  structure. It unites more than three thousand champions and winners of the Olympic Games, of the World , of Europe, of the USSR and of Russia as well as outstanding coaches and masters of sports.

The RAU was established in December 1991 and is the same age as the new Russia.

That marks a new approach to social protection of outstanding athletes, massive innovative opportunities for Olympians’ participation in social life and  new forms of goodwill projects aimed at spiritual support of the sports movement veterans.

The RAU has realized more than five hundred projects, programs; outstanding events, such as the Olympic champions’ All-Russian car runs, Opening of the Veterans Spartakiad and  Olympians’ Forums. Thanks to the efforts of the RAU the champions and the winners of the Olympic Games, of the World and of Europe, who have reached retirement, receive additional scholarships. The RAU has the right to compose delegations of sports veterans to attend the Olympic Games as honorary guests.

The RAU is an open and warm house for all honored masters of sports and for those athletes who retire from sports and become veterans.

The RAU is a member of the Russian Olympic Committee, of the World Association of Olympic winners and of the World Olympians Association, which operates under the aegis of the IOC.

The Russian Olympic Committee and the Ministry of Sport of the Russian  Federation are the Union’s strategic partners.

Official site of the Russian Athletes Union  is

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