About a hundred Olympic lessons dedicated to the International Day of Sport were held throughout the country

About a hundred Olympic lessons were held in 46 regions of Russia. This time, a joint project of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) and Sport FM radio was timed to coincide with the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, which was first celebrated on April 6, 2014. Now sports fans can annually celebrate this holiday proclaimed by the UN General Assembly.

President of the ROC Alexander Zhukov, double Olympic champion and a medal winner of the Sochi Games Olga Zaitseva, and six-time Sochi Paralympics gold medalist Roman Petushkov visited Moscow Economic School, located in the village of Zaytsevo, Moscow region.

The Head of the ROC told the children about the Olympic values, the Olympic Games in Sochi, the torch relay and much more. “I’ve been to many Olympics in Sochi, but there was a special atmosphere. I talked to many athletes, officials and by all accounts, these were the best Olympic Games in history”, – said Alexander Zhukov.

Games champions told the children how they earned gold medals, about the difficulties of sports and about the qualities needed to win. “All my life I have been doing one sport – biathlon – said Olga Zaitseva. – It is my life, my work, my everything. The athletes are not always successful sometimes they lose. Coping with this is very difficult. Those who manage to do that, pursue their goals. You need to be goal-oriented and, despite everything, follow your dream”.

Roman Pyetushkov stressed that conducting such a lesson was an honor for him: “Sometimes tough moments occur in sports, sometimes I don’t feel like training — it happens at least three times a month, but you have to force yourself and then the result will appear. It’s the same in the studies!”

The ROC regularly organizes meetings with the students to introduce children to sports. At  these lessons students learn about the Olympic values and the history of the Olympic and Paralympic Games and sports included in their programmes. Students, in their turn, share their knowledge of the world of sports and show their progress. With great interest they learn the details of staging the Games from the participants themselves.

In the Lipetsk region it was decided to abandon the usual tradition and give an Olympic lesson not to the schoolchildren, but to the students of the Lipetsk State Technical University. Vladimir Dementyev – the head of the Department for Physical Culture and Sports, President of the Olympic Council of the Lipetsk region, master of sports of the international class in swimming and the participant of the Montreal Olympic Games, and Maxim Mokrousov – World Championship silver medalist, Honored Master of Sports of Russia in bobsleigh and participant of the XXII Olympic Winter games in Sochi came to visit the young people.

So, Maxim Mokrousov shared his impressions about the Sochi Games, where he made his debut. He wasn’t a novice when he came into bobsled – he was a master of sports of Russia, international class in athletics. The athlete told about the peculiarities of preparations for the competitions, about the challenges and the joy of victory, he felt at the 2013 World Championships, where he won the silver medal and became first in the overall World Cup standings.

Dmitry Sautin, multiple Olympic champion (Diving) and Alexei Nemov (Artistic gymnastics) visited Lyceum No. 7, Voronezh. Pupils asked the athletes about buck fever, about Olympic diets and about how to succeed. Sautin allowed children to touch the Olympic medals and said that he was planning to continue his sports career as a veteran.

Nemov, in turn, uncovered a curious fact about his sporting way: “At school I was not very fond of winter sports, I preferred to spend this time to train in the gym. It was a paradox, but for physical education I had a bad mark”. An outstanding gymnast, who also met with the students of Voronezh Shtukman school, told about his intention to visit 40 Russian cities, where he will conduct Olympic lessons and stage demonstrations.

An Olympic lesson was held at the Gymnasium No. 642, Vasilieostrovsky District, Saint Petersburg. It was conducted by a three-time Olympic champion in athletics Tatyana Kazankina, Olympic champion in basketball Lyudmila Muravyeva, Olympic champion in cycling Vladimir Semenets and a master of sports of the international class in skeleton, a participant of the XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi Maria Orlova.

“I am sure that active sports empower youth, promote good health and strengthen such values as equity and mutual respect. Sport helps us to spread the idea of peace and implement social changes”, – said Tatyana Kazankina to the school students at the meeting.

In the Republic of Mordovia a meeting between the students of the Yalginsk school and an Olympic champion in race walking Olga Kaniskina and vice president of the Olympic Council of Mordovia Sergei Devyatkin took place.

First triple World champion in the history of race walking Olga Kaniskina shared the story of her rise, noting that she came into sport to accompany her friends. In her life there was a turning point, when everybody persuaded her to finish her sports career, but having received the title of Candidate for Master of Sports she set another goal for herself – to become a master. Thus, reaching the following height the athlete went to her Olympic victory. According to Olga, the most important thing is to cope with your own excitement and then you will succeed.

In the Far Eastern Federal District of the country, in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky school No. 27 an Olympic lesson with a two-time champion of the Sochi Paralympic Games Alexandra Frantseva took place.

“The children of Kamchatka distinguish themselves by their modesty. I myself was the same. Therefore the students  tried not to bother me with the questions. At the same time each of them wanted to take a picture, to hold the medal in their hands”, – said the athlete, who brought Russia 5 medals at the XI Paralympic Winter Games.

The relay moved from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, where the president of the federation of Sakhalin artistic gymnastics Olga Speranskaya became the guest.

Olympic Council of the Chechen Republic conducted Olympic lessons in 5 schools of the region. Lessons, organized by Aslambek Ediev, Council President, and Salakh Yusupov, CEO Council, were held at school No. 8, Lyceum No.1, at Grozny Gymnasium No. 1, and at the Children’s and Youth Sports School No. 1 of Old Atagi village, Grozny district.

The champion of the XXIX Olympic Games Islambek Albiyev (Greco-Roman wrestling), bronze medalist of the Barcelona Games Ibrahim Samadov (weightlifting), a participant of the Beijing Games and a European champion in judo Salam Mezhidov, world champion Aslavdi Abaev (Greco-Roman wrestling), world champion in kickboxing Musa Shihabov and a member of parliament of the Chechen Republic of Said- Hamzat Dzhamalullayla came to meet with the scholchildren. 

These are the stories of just a few regions and of the lessons, held throughout Russia. Once again, the whole country willingly responded to the Olympic lessons, visited by active and retired athletes, who bring or brought glory to our country at various international tournaments. With regard to the Olympic lessons the words of the official anthem of the Russian Federation occur: “… From the southern seas to the polar region… “, because the lessons were held all over Russia – from the cities of the Far Eastern Federal District to the Southern Federal District.

“When a person learns more about sports and the Olympic movement, he himself gets the desire to go in for sports – and that is wonderful. After all, this is exactly why we have been conducting our Olympic lessons for several years. It’s very pleasant that we will now hold them together with the Sport FM Radio. Together we will help boys and girls from different regions of the country to come close to the wonderful world of sports”, – Alexander Zhukov summed up the results of April Olympic lessons.