Knowledge is power! The idea of the winner of the contest “Olympic changes” has been implemented

On Tuesday, January 28, since morning Samara sports Lyceum was active and despite the freezing weather and the blistering wind, none of the students skipped school. Waiting for the start of the project, developed by the winner of the all-Russian contest of ideas “Olympic changes” Yekaterina Kulikova, the children gathered in the Lyceum lobby, where shortly before bikes were installed.

The teachers, the journalists and the guests of the solemn event  were looking forward to the moment when the sporting spirit and the power of the children’s legs, will activate the mechanism, proposed by Yekaterina on the website of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) and the Visa company joint project.

The objective of the contest was to create and implement the best project aimed at bringing sport into everyday life. Since the start of the contest in November 2013, more than 446 papers have been sent to the site, 122 of them have passed the qualifying stage and were submitted to the jury, which was headed by the President of the ROC and the IOC member Alexander Zhukov.

Yekaterina Kulikova from Samara became the winner of the contest. A municipal sports Lyceum was chosen to implement her project. Its facade was equipped with a light installation – bright illumination in the colors of the Russian flag with the words “We support Russia!”. Inside the building the bikes were installed. Every day with the help of these bikes the students can bring the light installation into action. The more heartily the children pedal – the brighter the facade of the school will be illuminated this day. Students can see the result of their daily sporting achievements every day from 4PM to 9AM, and from 9AM to 3PM, anyone can contribute to the makeover of the image of the school.

“When I presented my project — said the winner of the contest at the ceremony – I relied on my childhood memories. Remember, there were  flashlights with the following operating principle –  you turn the handle, the battery charges and a torch produces light. Here the operating principle is the same, but the effect is greater: more energy embedded, the battery that stores the energy is larger and the realization of color solutions is more spectacular.

I sincerely want to thank the organizers for making this wonderful contest! Up until this moment I could not even imagine that everything would turn out so beautifully. I am happy that it was my idea that was implemented, and I heartily thank the Olympic movement for this opportunity to!”

Anastasia Davydova, the Vice-President of the Russian Olympic Committee and a five-time Olympic champion in synchronized swimming, was present at the opening of the installation. She visited Samara, to present the prize to the winner – the opportunity to go to the XXII Olympic Winter Games.

“I am very pleased to be here with you in such a momentous day for this Lyceum. When the work on this project began, we sought to show that the Olympic Games were not just a competition of high international class, which attract fans from all over the world to the TV screens. First of all it is the involvement of the people in the sport movement and in the healthy lifestyle.

The first Olympic change within this project took place in November 2013, when in the Moscow metro an unusual vending machine was set up that sells single-trip tickets to passengers in return for performing 30 squats. This idea became an impetus for the other contestants who took part in transforming the surrounding area and the whole country for the better. Of all the applications we have chosen the most interesting. Its author was Yekaterina Kulikova, a resident of Samara.”

Anastasia Davydova sincerely congratulated the author of the best project and presented gifts from the organizers of the competition. The Minister of sport of the Samara Region Dmitry Shlyakhtin also attended the event. He thanked the founders of the all-Russian competition of ideas and congratulated everybody on the start of the Olympic changes.

Larissa Fursova, Director of Samara Sports Lyceum and an Honorary Worker of General Education of the Russian Federation, joined the words of gratitude and congratulations: “I would like to express my gratitude to the Russian Olympic Committee and the Visa company for the fact that our institution was chosen for the implementation of this wonderful idea. Samara Sports Lyceum brings together children, teachers and parents who are not indifferent to sports, and of course, we’ll be together to support our country. Now our support will be visible from far away.”

The realization of Yekaterina Kulikova’s idea made the participants of the meeting cheerful, raised the teachers’ and the students’ enthusiasm and a spirit of team struggle. As for the bright lighting, which decorates the facade of the Sports Lyceum, it’s a great motivation for residents of Samara to do sports and join the Olympic movement.