Dmitry Torgovanov: ‘I have seen much in my life, but never have I seen such refereeing’

Russian team has finished its performance in the World Handball Championship after conceding the victory to the team of   Slovenia in the Round of 16, held in Paris, 26-32 (15-13). After the first period Dmitry Torgovanov’s team was leading by 2 goals, but after that French women referees intervened. Their controversial decisions and our own mistakes allowed our rivals to win the second half (18-11) and  advance to the quarterfinals.

After the match Head coach of the Russian team Dmitry Torgovanov did not hide his dissatisfaction with the refereeing.

– I have seen much in my life, but never have I seen such refereeing. I  can only congratulate the Slovenian team on its confident win, as the two-minute suspensions ratio was 7-2 and our players were disposed of the ball in offence.

– What did you just say to your guys in the locker room?

– The World   Championship has come to an end, and we have to have on. They are disappointed, but I asked them to reserve comments.

– Women refereeing the men’s play-off match – isn’t it contradictory?

– I am not a feminist, but it is difficult for women to judge men’s Handball. Women have different understanding of roughness. When Kiselev’s face was bleeding there was no suspension. May be these Frenchwomen disliked us for this or that reason?

– Dibrov was given a four-minute suspension. What for?

– For a foul and for dissent.

– Will you lodge a protest?

– One can’t lodge protest against refereeing. It’s a pity   it   turned out that way. Today’s refereeing was the only negative moment that we faced at the tournament. As for the rest, we must give credit to the French – they organized everything perfectly.

– The World Championship has made it clear that our team needed new blood. What is the situation regarding the reserve in men’s Handball?

– Not too good, compared to Women’s Handball. The results of the youth and junior teams speak for themselves. However the French can easily put forward juniors and achieve good results. While our choice is very limited.