Trefilov’s team continues winning

Russian women’s  Handball team has made a successful start at the European Championships in Sweden. In the first match Olympic champions easily defeated the team of  Croatia 32:26 (16:13). The most goal-scoring players of the  Russian team were Vladlena Bobrovnikova and Viktoria Zhilinskayte, who scored 6 balls each.

The formula of the Euro Handball 2016 is as follows: victory in this match almost guaranteed  the Russian team a place in the next round. In our group three out of four teams will continue to fight for medals.

However, it wasn’t an easy start. Before the European Championships Croatian players  classified their preparation so that Russian coaches couldn’t find a single video of friendly matches.

Yevgeniy Trefilov surprised everybody when he entrusted the last stand to Yelena Utkina instead of the Rio Olympic champion Viktoria Kalinina. In  addition, from the first minutes World champion among juniors, 17-year old Antonina Skorobogatchenko appeared on the field. The debutant of the adult team didn’t lose her nerve and scored a goal at once.

Until the middle of the first period  Croatian players didn’t let our team go far ahead, even though Utkina has regularly helped us and once she even  deflected a seven-meter throw.  And nevertheless by the end of the first period Russian players were leading by three goals.

The second half of the match reminded of the happy pictures of Rio: Trefilov’s team increased  the tempo significantly and in a few minutes the score became 22:15. It seemed that it was over. Nothing of the kind!

Not willing to become group’s ousider, Croatian players  started a pursuit, and they almost succeeded. Nine minutes before the final blow score  spread  narrowed  to 2 goals – 25:23.  And then experienced Bobrovnikova came out. Her effective activities allowed our team to end the game  without any stress.

As a result, we won 32:26. The next match will be played on 7 December against the Rumanian team.

The first group tournament

Group D

Russia – Croatia – 32:26 (16:13)

Russia: Kalinina, Bobrovnikova (6), Sudakova (2), Vyahireva (5), Sen (3), Dmitrieva (2), B. Zhilinskayte (6), Postnova (1), Samokhina (0), Makeyeva  (0) , Utkina, Sabirova (2), Cojocar (2),  Malashenko (0), Gorshenina (0), Skorobogatchenko (3).