Marat Bariev: It is time to coordinate efforts and work with non-Olympic federations

On March 29 at the initiative of the Russian Olympic Committee a meeting “On the issues of promoting the sports not included in the program of the Olympic Games and Winter Olympic Games to the International Olympic Movement” was held. Marat Bariev, the Executive Director of the ROC, Igor Stepanov, the Head of the Department on Interaction with Sports Organizations of the ROC Sports Directorate, Roman Nedelin, Head of Department for International Relations of the ROC Directorate for International Cooperation, representatives of the Ministry of sport, tourism and youth policy of the Russian Federation supervising the development of non-Olympic sports and the Presidents of the 14 non-Olympic federations attended the meeting.

Marat Bariev, Executive Director of the ROC, noted that promotion of sports and certain disciplines is one of the goals of the Russian Olympic Committee Development Strategy until 2020. “At present there are 32 sports, recognized by the IOC, but not included in the Olympic Games program. The Olympic Games program is changing: one sport goes another appears. We must keep up with this process. Proper marketing campaign promoting the sport and the geographical expansion are the keys to success”. 

Sergey Eliseev, the President of the Russian Sambo Federation, suggested that the ROC should accept responsibility for the promotion of non-Olympic sports. “It would be correct to create a small governing body inside the Olympic Committee, that will make it possible to coordinate all efforts. There are sports we are strong in. Together we can promote them to the “Olympic family”.

The participants of the meeting supported the ROC initiative on creating a special Commission. They marked out the ways of interaction with the international federations on the question of further promoting the sports and sporting disciplines, not included in the Olympic Games and the Winter Olympic Games programs to the Olympic Movement. Strengthening of work on promoting the non-Olympic sports will be done upon experience of the federations and sports Ministry.

It was decided that both all-Russian and international sports grounds will be used for the promotion of non-Olympic sports.