Vladimir Silkin became the new President of the Russia Yachting Federation

At the report-and-election Conference of  the Russia Yachting Federation (RYF), which was held last weekend in Moscow, the new President of the Federation was elected. Georgi Shaiduko gave place to Vladimir Silkin. Shaiduko became the First Vice-President of the Russia Yachting Federation.

Earlier Vladimir Silkin, was the head of the Moscow Sailing Federation. In addition, in October 2010, he was appointed the Prefect of the Northern administrative district of Moscow. In his policy speech Silkin said that he was planning to leave the state work and to devote all the time and attention to the development of sailing sport in the country.

All in all five applications  were received from candidates for President of the Russia Yachting Federation. Sergey Jienbaev,  the Head coach of the Russian Sailing  national team, Sergey Moiseev, Director of the crew training school “Captain”, Andrey Poltanov,  Director of the sailing regatta “Who is Who”, Vladimir Silkin and Georgy Shaiduko became the applicants.

In their speech at the Conference Georgy Shaiduko and Sergey Jienbaev withdrew from elections in favor of Vladimir Silkin, who was elected new head of the Federation almost unanimously.