Olympic patrol visited children’s camps of the Dmitrov district (Moscow region)

A special Olympic daily schedule was established in the camps during the work of the Olympic Patrol. Olympic champions gave Olympic lessons, where they spoke about fundamental principles and values of the Olympic movement, about Russian Olympic athletes, about the rules of the true fans and, of course, about the benefits of physical activity.

Together with the children they remembered famous Russian athletes and the brightest moments of the 2014 Sochi Olympic Winter Games.

Under the leadership of Olympic champions boys and girls took part in sports and creative competitions, took part in a unique quest called Faster, higher, stronger  and together dreamt about what might the future Olympic Games be like, for example in the 3014 year.

Children together with their counselors passed physical fitness test within   My Olympus sports test, at the end of which everyone discovered which   things – strength, dexterity or flexibility – they needed to work on. After testing Alexei Nemov said, that he was positively surprised by the level of physical fitness of some of the young athletes and that he sincerely believed that some of them could achieve significant results in sports, particularly in gymnastics.

And of course the Olympic champions gave  autograph and photo sessions.

According to Alexei Nemov for him participation in the Olympic patrol was not only an important, but also a very interesting event. “This program can really change the lives of thousands of boys and girls for the better. It helps them to take a huge step forward toward an active and healthy lifestyle,”- he stressed.

As noted by Mikhail Ivanov, he was very happy that the children loved the Olympic patrol. “I saw it with my own eyes. I am sure that these two days will leave them with many vivid memories and will certainly help the children choose their favourite sports, and start playing these sports on a regular basis. I hope that for someone these days will become the beginning of a sporting career!”

On July 31, Olympic patrol will continue its work in the Raduga camp, Odintsovo district, Moscow region.

In addition, this summer Olympic patrol will visit the Federal Health Education Center Smena and the Russian Children’s Center Orlyonok in the Krasnodar region, as well as the famous International Children’s Center  Artek. In total this year’s Olympic Patrol program will cover approximately  14,000 children.

Olympic Patrol is a large-scale sports and educational program of the Russian Olympic Committee, whose purpose is to tell the children and teen-agers about the Olympic movement, to introduce them to Russian Olympic athletes and to remind them once again about the benefits of sports and the importance of  active lifestyle.

Famous Russian athletes – Olympic champions Anastasia Davydova, Maria Kiseleva, Alexander Zubkov, Alexey Governor Aslanbek Khushtov and many others participated in the Olympic Patrol programme.

Mosgortur  – one of the largest tour operators of children’s vacations in Russia – provided assistance in organizing the  Olympic patrol program in the camps located near Moscow.

For more information, please contact Olympic Patrol press office at 8-903-128-46-01 or pr.olympicpatrol@gmail.com, or view our website ОлимпийскийПатруль.РФ