Olympic patrol headed by Irina Karavayeva arrived in Orlyonok

On Saturday world’s first Sydney 2000 Olympic champion in Trampoline Irina Karavaeva opened the  Olympic Patrol program of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) – in the Russian Children’s Center Orlyonok. Hundreds of campers warmly welcomed the famous athlete.

“The Olympic Patrol program starts at the Orlyonok children’s camp in the Krasnodar region. The  Olympic Games were held in Sochi recently. Everybody is inspired by the success of our athletes, and the ROC has taken  the right decision to create such a great program – noted Irina Karavaeva.

– Inspiration should be developed… Hundreds of amazing and wonderful children are having a rest  here (at Orlyonok), and judging by what I see, they do care about sports. Hundreds of children want to go to Orlyonok, and those who have visited it, recall it with warmth  want to return here again. Children actively participate in the Olympic patrol program. They love it! “

Olympic Patrol is a large-scale sports and educational program of the Russian Olympic Committee, whose purpose is to tell the children and teen-agers about the Olympic movement, to introduce them to Russian Olympic athletes and to remind them once again about the benefits of sports and the importance of  active lifestyle.

The purpose of the program is to put a spark of the Olympic fire into every child’s heart, to inspire them to success and to instill the desire to win.