Stanislav Pozdnyakov met with FIRS President Sabatino Aracu

First Vice-President of the ROC Stanislav Pozdnyakov and President of the International Federation of Roller Sports (FIRS), member of the NOC of Italy, Sabatino Aracu met at the Russian Olympic Committee. The meeting was also attended by the Deputy Secretary General of FIRS Laura Morandi, President of the Russian Skateboarding Federation, Ilya Vdovin and Chief Adviser to the Russian President’s Directorate supporting activities of the State Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Snytkin.

The parties discussed the General situation in world sport and the Olympic movement. The meeting participants noted how important it is for  NOCs, national and international sports federations to exchange experience and information in the field of management, establishing  relations with sponsors and conducting major sporting events.

Mr. Aracu informed the meeting participants about the active development and promotion of roller sports all over the world. To date, the FIRS consists of 114 national federations – members, and the world championship 2017 in Roller Sports (World Roller Games 2017) in the Chinese Nanjing was attended by over 10,000 people. The next world Cup will be held in Barcelona (Spain) in 2019 and it is expected to involve about 50,000 athletes. Also the FIRS President spoke about the Roller Sports disciplines, such as roller Derby, freestyle, downhill, figure skating, hockey, etc.

In addition, Mr. Aracu informed the colleagues that, starting from 2018, the international Federation of Roller Sports will be called the World Skate. The new name will help to create a more modern platform for the effective management of all disciplines of roller sports.

The President Skateboarding Federation Ilya Vdovin, invited the participants to visit the World Cup Skateboarding, starting on 18 November, at the Small sports arena of the Luzhniki Olympic Complex.

At the end of the meeting Stanislav Pozdnyakov and Sabatino Aracu exchanged memorable gifts.