Pyotr Vinogradov passed away

On June 7, Peter Alexeyevich Vinogradov, a doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor, deputy chairman of the Public Council under the Ministry of Sport of Russia, honored worker of science of the Russian Federation, an outstanding specialist in the field of the sociology of physical culture and sports, suddenly died in Moscow on the 76th year of his life.

Petr Vinogradov was the author of more than 420 scientific and methodological works, including 35 monographs, some of which were published in the USA, Canada, China, France, Japan and Germany. His contribution to the development of physical culture and sports in the country is marked by the Order of Merit for the Fatherland of the IV degree,  the Order Friendship and  the Order Honor, all departmental awards of the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation.

He  took active part in the development and implementation of such important documents as the Strategy for the Development of Physical Culture and Sport in   Russia  for the Period to 2020, the concept of the first All-Russian Sports Forum ‘Russia, the Sports Power’ 2009 and the first International Sports Forum ‘Russia, sports power’ in 2010. He was also one of those who implemented federal targeted programs ‘Development of Physical Culture and Sport in the Russian Federation, 2006-2015’ and ‘Development of Physical Culture and Sports in the Russian Federation, 2016-2020, as reported on the official website of the Ministry of Sport of the RF.

Also, Pyotr Vinogradov made an invaluable contribution to the creation and implementation of the ‘Ready for Labor and Defense’ All-Russian physical culture and sports complex.

The Russian Olympic Committee expresses its deepest condolences to the relatives and friends of Peter Alekseevich Vinogradov, his friends and colleagues.