The XVII Festival of the Sports Universities Students of the Russian Federation has determined the winners

The XVII Festival of the Sports Universities Students of the Russian Federation, which lasted for three days and was held in the Kavgolovo educational-training center of the Lesgaft National State University of Physical Education, Sports and Health in Saint Petersburg has concluded.

Over 200 students and teachers from 14 sports universities of the country took part in different contests and sports tournaments, shared their experiences in order to determine the level of Olympic knowledge and foster the desire for harmonious development of physical and mental abilities among the students.

The final day of the Festival was dedicated to sports and science competitions. First, the students competed in overcoming  professional challenges, and then they took part in the competition for young scientists, where each university has presented its Scientific report in a foreign language.

The official part of the event was dedicated to the memory of an outstanding Cross-Country Ski coach, who has trained a galaxy of Soviet and Russian athletes and has worked at the Lesgaft National State University for more than 40 years, Pavel Virolaynen.  Memorial plaque unveiling ceremony was held at the Skiing Department.  Many kind words were said about the legendary specialist who has passed away this Spring in his 76th year by his friends, colleagues and students. Olympic biathlon champions Anatoliy Alyabyev, Dmitriy Vasilyev and Yuriy Kashkarov shared their stories about working with the outstanding coach.

The Olympism Experts contest of knowledge of the history of the World Olympic Movement and the modern Olympic Games was supported by the Russian Olympic Committee completed the competitive part of the Festival. The contestants demonstrated their knowledge of the geography of ancient Greece, of the facts about the first Olympic champions and the dates of the modern Olympic Games, of the milestones in the life of their founder Pierre de Coubertin and, of course, about the modern Russian and International Olympic Movement and the Olympic Games.

Eventually, the Lesgaft National State University became the winner of the Festival in the team event, the Volga Region Academy of Physical Culture became second and the third place went to the Siberian State University of Physical Culture. Moreover, all the participants, in addition to cups, certificates, diplomas, received special prizes of the Russian Olympic Committee.