IOC will improve the 2016 Olympic Games ticket system

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is planning to improve the ticket selling system for the 2016 Olympic Games to be held in Brazil.

“We are working closely with the organizing committee of the Olympic Games and Rio de Janeiro relevant authorities. In particular, we discussed this issue today. I would like to note that after my departure the IOC will continue to work in this direction in Brazil. This work will result in drawing up a report, containing a few suggestions to improve our system. Moreover, I should note that we have already managed to make progress in this matter in comparison with the Games in London,” – said Bach.

Also the head of the IOC commented on the preparation for the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games. “As with the previous Games, we ensure that Olympic venues were built on time, by the time of test events, to be exact some of which will be held later this year. So now the most important thing for us is to maintain the construction schedule and to maintain close contacts with the organizing committee and the international federations,”- he stressed.

On Wednesday, the IOC presented the results of its research on the Sochi Olympic Games broadcasting. According to the data presented, the indicators increased significantly compared to the Olympic Games held in Vancouver 4 years ago.

The number of Sochi Games digital video views is 1.4 billion, which exceeds the relevant figure for the Vancouver 2010 Games by 334%. The total audience was 2.1 billion people – 13% more than at the Vancouver Games.

Sochi Olympic broadcasters presented a total of 114,000 hours of video, considering all media platforms, improving the indicators of 2010 by 101%. The number of broadcasters increased from 114 to 250 (119% increase).