Alexander Zhukov: “The European games have a bright future”

23 November 2014

The 43rd General Assembly of the European Olympic Committees (EOC) concluded in Baku. It was attended bythe representatives of the National Olympic Committees (NOCs) of the European countries and the heads of the international sports organizations. The Russian delegation was headed by President of the Russian Olympic Committee Alexander Zhukov.

Alexander Zhukov: “Recommendations of the Agenda 2020 affect all aspects of the Olympic Movement”

20 November 2014

Among the most important issues are: changes to the bidding process, the sustainability of the organization and the legacy of the Olympic Games, separation of costs used for the organization of the events from those used for the urban infrastructure development, protection of clean athletes, the launch of the Olympic Channel, youth sports development strategy, the Youth Olympic Games and ather.

Alexander Zhukov: “Thousands of fans should not suffer because of a group of hooligans”

5 October 2014

“We can teach those jerks only by not letting them to the stadium, but for normal fans the inability to come and cheer for their club is nonsense. So it turns out that all fans are punished because of several criminals. It seems weird,” – said Alexander Zhukov in an interview with R-Sport. Head of the ROC noted it was necessary to educate the fans.

Alexander Zhukov: “It is necessary to elect new leadership of the Russian Basketball Federation”

5 October 2014

“It is absolutely clear that the situation in Russian basketball is completely abnormal. In my opinion, the reason for the ongoing conflicts between the Federation, the clubs and the VTB United League is that there is no legitimate leadership in the RBF. In my opinion, the RBF should hold a review election conference and choose new leadership, that would be respected by the whole basketball community.”

Alexander Zhukov: “Russia’s weight in sports will help Sambo enter the Olympic family”

29 September 2014

Russian national Sambo team won the President’s Sambo Cup, which was first held in London. On their way to the final the Russian team first defeated the national team of Belarus with a score 6-3 and later on – the national team of Kazhakhstan 7-2. In the final, the Russians won by beating the host-team, the British athletes with a score of 9-0. A lot of enthusiastic fans both from our country and from Europe came to support our athletes.

Alexander Zhukov: “The sports community doesn’t support the idea to remove the championships from Russia”

28 September 2014

President of the Russian Olympic Committee Alexander Zhukov attended the opening ceremony of the President’s Sambo Cup in London, where he expressed his views about the idea to remove the world championships from Russia. “Russia’s prestige as a sports superpower is very high. The Sochi Olympic Games proved it both by quality of organization and by the athletes’ performance,” – said Zhukov in an interview with R-Sport. 

Alexander Zhukov: “Naturalization of foreign athletes is not our way”

28 July 2014

We don’t follow any special policy on naturalization issue. But as for Vic Wild, the reason for naturalization was his life situation, as far as I know. We did not have a purpose to include this particular athlete into our team, he just married a Russian woman, and therefore we had a chance to claim him for our team. As for Viktor Ahn, at home he was actually discarded and couldn’t qualify for the Korean team.

ROC President Alexander Zhukov told the participants of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum about the results of the Sochi Olympic Games

22 May 2014

President of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) Alexander Zhukov took part in Russia-24 televised debates wihin the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum which opened on Thursday. The topic of discussion was Olympic legacy – lessons and opportunities. Towards the 2018 World Cup.

The Russia’s victory in the WSB match against the Ukrainian team was natural – Alexander Zhukov

1 April 2014

Alexander Zhukov  told the reporters that the Russian team has won a well-deserved victory over the team of Ukraine in the first World Series of Boxing quarterfinal match, held in Moscow. The Russian national team won the first WSB quarterfinal match against the team of Ukraine, 4-1. The fights of the Russian Boxing Team representatives against Ukraine Otamans were held at Arena Moscow.

ROC President about the sports legacy after the triumph of the Russian team in the medal standings

24 February 2014

President of the Russian Olympic Committee and a  member of the International Olympic Committee Alexander Zhukov praised the work of Russian athletes who captured the lead in both the gold medal count, and the overal standings at the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, and expressed confidence that the feel-good factor will become part of the national sports heritage.