Cross Country Ski, Fencing, Weightlifting and Rowing Federations to participate in the ROC’s coaching educational project

7 July

The Russian Olympic Committee is resuming its coaching educational project (CEP) which was suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic. As part of this project, leading Russian and foreign coaches, recommended by the All-Russian sports federations and foreign National Olympic Committees, will take part in refresher courses.

International Olympic Day celebrations to last one week

18 June

The Russian Olympic Committee has launched a campaign on social media to support the International Olympic Committee’s #StayStrong #StayActive #StayHealthy special Olympic Day workout event. The Russian Olympic Committee’s campaign involves festive events dedicated to International Olympic Day set to be celebrated on June 23, 2020 online.

ROC and ZASPORT to organize a contest for sporting families

17 June

As part of the Olympic Country programme the Russian Olympic Committee, along with the official outfitter of the Russian Olympic Team ZASPORT, has announced the launch of the #SEMYAZASPORT contest. The project’s information partner is «OK!» magazine.

Olympic Patrol visits each household

28 May

The All-Russian sports and educational project of the Russian Olympic Committee “Olympic Patrol” continues to take place across the country despite the wide range of restrictive measures taken due to the coronavirus pandemic. On May 28, Olympic Patrol was launched for the very first time online and more than 450 people participated live in the centerpiece event known as the Olympic Lesson.

Sergey Parastaev: “After increased training loads, protein-rich foods are recommended”

16 May

During the period of self-isolation, it is crucial to observe a proper and healthy eating plan corresponding to the level of workout loads that has become the norm during the quarantine period. Even experienced professional athletes will benefit from the recommendations of specialists who have studied this particular issue.

Results of Kvartiriada 2020

15 May

The contest of the Russian Olympic Committee “Kvartiriada 2020” has come to an end. From April 30 to May 14, its participants filmed videos on invented sports that could be practiced at home during the self-isolation regime. The jury, determining the best works, consisted of famous champions Svetlana Romashina, Evgenia Medvedeva and Nikita Nagorny.

Sergey Dodonov: “It is important that athletes develop an algorithm for increasing training loads after self-isolation”

15 May

One of the key problems of the forced quarantine for athletes is the sharp decline or the complete absence of training for a long period of time. This leads to the loss of sporting fitness and the development of physical inactivity, muscle hypotrophy with a decrease or loss of basic locomotor functions, excessive accumulation of adipose tissue, metabolic shifts.

Svetlana Shirochenkova: “To cope with your emotional state, you need to learn to identify your emotional issues in advance”

14 May

Currently there are active discussions about how the forced quarantine affects the sporting fitness of athletes and how the absence of full training can affect their further performance.

Alexander Fedorov: “One of the dangers of coronavirus is the loss of lung tissue”

13 May

Young athletes with a robust immune system, in case of picking up the new coronavirus infection, may not even show any symptoms. But in order to recuperate and restore full lung function after the illness, they may need comprehensive rehabilitation under the supervision of specialists.

Andrey Zholinsky: “Athletes can catch up in training, it all depends on their psychological state”

12 May

Starting today, we are launching a series of interviews with FMBA experts on our site. This is a joint project of the ROC and the FMBA, designed to give an expert opinion, assessment and analysis of the problems faced by Russian specialists in sports medicine on a wide range of issues related to coronavirus, adapting the human body to home isolation, and correctly exiting the quarantine period