Lada Zadonskaya: “There was a lot of useful and practical information during the EOC Athletes’ Forum”

The 10th European Olympic Committees (EOC) Athletes’ Forum was held in Dublin and was attended by more than 60 representatives from Athletes’ Commissions of the National Olympic Committees across the continent.

Russia was represented by Lada Zadonskaya, Olympic athlete in speed skating during the Games in Turin and Sochi and member of the ROC Athletes’ Commission. On returning to Moscow, she spoke to the ROC Information Service.

– To be honest, I did not receive any new information during the panel discussions or meetings. Anastasia Davydova, ROC Secretary General, had already briefed us on the changes to Rule 40 and Rule 50 of the Olympic Charter during the meeting of the ROC Athletes’ Commission with representatives of the All-Russian Sports Federations. We are all glad that this particular event was organized by the Russian Olympic Committee, otherwise I would not have been so well-informed. Members from other Athletes’ Commissions that are not as active as ours lack information.

– Did you find anything interesting on the agenda during the EOC Athletes’ Forum?

– I found the presentation prepared by the Athletes’ Commission from the Netherlands very interesting. It turns out that our colleagues from this country use a special mobile application where instant communication with users is established. This is very convenient. They can also upload reports based on their activities.

– Was the Athlete365 App discussed in Dublin?

– All Forum participants signed up to this application and we were shown how to use it. There are training programs on the Athlete365 App where you can take tests, find out the latest news, and plan your future career. For example, I found out that Airbnb gives $500 vouchers to App users due to compete in the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

– Did you know about this App before?

– Elena Isinbaeva talked about the App at a meeting of the ROC Athletes’ Commission about a year and a half ago. In Dublin, I discussed the App with a member of the NOC Ukraine Athletes’ Commission, and I learned a lot of practical things: how to compile a CV, what keywords need to be used, how to undergo training and testing correctly to get a certificate, and how to use other possibilities provided by the App. Also, I must say that I received even more valuable information while talking with colleagues rather than listening to presentations.

– Are such exchanges useful?

– Of course! The atmosphere at the forum was very supportive. There was no special attention in regard to Russian athletes. I personally felt very comfortable.