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    The Russian International Olympic University (RIOU), on the ROC initiative and with the active assistance of RUSADA, completed the professional development program named “Organizational and legal aspects of anti-doping enforcement: roles and duties of responsible persons.”

    Training of anti-doping coordinators from all-Russian sport federations in Olympic kinds of sports took place from March, 29th till April, 2nd. Russian and international anti-doping experts taught the course, including representatives of specialized departments of RUSADA, Moscow Scientific and Practical Center for Medical Rehabilitation, Regenerative and Sports Medicine, Russian State University of Physical Culture and Sport, independent experts in the field of sports law.

    The special program, which includes lectures and workshops on current trends and standards governing the field of anti-doping, was organized by the RIOU on the initiative of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) and is part of the systematic educational work to build a zero-tolerance for prohibited substances and methods in the sports environment.

    As part of the anti-doping policy, the ROC will allocate funds to pay specialists of all-Russian sports federations and fund such advanced training courses based on the RIOU.

    At the end of the program, the trainees had a final certification and took part in an informal meeting with the organizers, where they shared their impressions. They noted the course’s practical orientation and the opportunity to get answers to the questions of federations anti-doping work organization and direct interaction and feedback from RUSADA representatives, who passed updated information with explanations.

    Anton Zarutsky, the Technical Director of the Rowing Federation of Russia:

    – We came first and foremost to get answers to our problematic questions. I think we got them. The topic of anti-doping was discussed in practical and legal terms. We were told about the latest updates to the regulatory framework, current WADA standards, and changes in the All-Russian anti-doping rules. We return to the workplace with a clear vision and a willingness to put what we have learned into practice. We’ve already started practical work in our federation: we’re preparing the Anti-Doping Commission regulations for approval, drafting a work plan to integrate regional coordinators, who will later be trained online at the RIOU.

    Anton Gavrilov, the Secretary General of the Russian Karate Federation:

    – As a rule, professional development courses allocate a locomotive” of two or three speakers and topics to which additional information is added. However, on the RIOU course, the situation was mirror-like: 90% of the lecturers were “locomotives.” We were taught by talented teachers and real professionals with their experience and cases. They know how to engage the audience and hold their interest, find answers to all questions and help with explanations.

    The RIOU was the first educational organization that signed a cooperation agreement with RUSADA, which allowed integrating the task of anti-doping into all educational programs and making them a separate strategic area of work.

    During the concluding meeting with all-Russian sports federations representatives, Lev Belousov, the Rector of RIOU, academician of RAO, said: “We are very pleased to receive such a high assessment of the program level and teaching staff. We will build a network culture of anti-doping. Please tell your colleagues, friends, and athletes about the course. In turn, we will systematize your questions and requests and present them to the ROC and RUSADA management, with whom we have good working relations. It seems to me that this is a reliable algorithm for further interaction.”


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