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    ROC President congratulated all Russians on occasion of the Day of the State Flag of the Russian Federation.

    Stanislav Pozdnyakov:

    Dear friends!

    Today we are celebrating the Day of the State Flag of the Russian Federation. This holiday has always had a special meaning, and recently has added more special value and symbolism for all Russian sport.

    The national tricolor has always been and remains an integral part of any major sporting victory. We saw how every success of our Olympians at the Tokyo Olympics underlined their extremely reverent attitude towards the national flag. This was not a showy component, but a deep internal desire to fight not only for the best results, but also for the honor of our country.

    Our opponents initially insisted on banning all Russian state symbols at all international competitions for 4 years. The ROC regards these sanctions as unacceptable, unreasonable and inadequate, and this is what our entire position was based on during the trial at CAS.

    Despite the final decision, with which we disagree in terms of restrictions on the use of the Russian flag and the national anthem and other restrictions set forth by CAS, I believe that we have managed to defend the most important right to national identification. Namely, that the elements of the Russian tricolor can be found on outfits, the team flag, and other attributes enabling our athletes to associate themselves with their native country, and proudly celebrate victories.

    No wonder the leitmotif of numerous statements of the heroes of the Tokyo Olympics was the phrase “the Russian flag is in our hearts.” And this is the best evidence of the attitude with which we celebrate today’s occasion.

    I wish you all success, new achievements, self-confidence, prosperity and pride in being a citizen of the Russian Federation!


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