Greetings from Stanislav Pozdnyakov to the participants and guests of the “Voice of Sport” awards ceremony

Today, the Russian Olympic Committee will host the second annual awards ceremony for Sports Commentators.

Dear friends!

The “Voice of Sport” Prize, from my point of view, is not just a solemn event that was planned and prepared by the Association of Sports Commentators. This is also an important social event because today the best representatives of an important and significant profession for sports have gathered here. A profession that brings athletes and fans together, as well as the sports industry and society.

The pandemic is making its own adjustments to our lives. That is why, first and foremost, I would like to sincerely wish good health to you all! This is the key to the successful implementation of all our planned activities which in your case are directly related to competitions, tournaments, matches, events and various occasions.

Hopefully in the near future, the sports world will return to a busy schedule. And when that happens, each of you will have much more work than usual.

I wish you all creative success and new professional achievements! On behalf of the Russian Olympic Committee, I wish you an evening full of positive moments in the company of colleagues and I sincerely congratulate all the winners of today’s awards ceremony!

We appreciate and respect your work!