ROC President comments on the results of RUSADA’s Supervisory Board meeting

The recommendations of the Supervisory Board of the Russian Anti-Doping Agency will be reviewed by the General Meeting of RUSADA founders.

Stanislav Pozdnyakov:

– Today the Supervisory Board of RUSADA put forward recommendations to the General Meeting of RUSADA founders following the discussion of the results of the financial and economic audit of RUSADA’s activities.

In the near future, together with our colleagues from the Russian Paralympic Committee, we will set a date for our joint meeting where a final decision will be made in accordance with RUSADA’s Charter.

At the moment, I can say that, unfortunately, our fears have been confirmed. The members of the Supervisory Board, which is an independent body composed of experts, most of whom are recommended and approved by WADA, came to the conclusion that serious violations had been committed by RUSADA’s management.

And today’s decisions by the Supervisory Board, adopted almost unanimously, on the mistrust of RUSADA’s Director General Yuri Ganus and the inexpediency of his further role in this demanding position seem unambiguous.