Stanislav Pozdnyakov: “I Congratulate our football team on the great start!”

President of the ROC commented on the victory of the Russian national team over Saudi Arabia in the first match of the World Cup.

– I congratulate our football team on the great start at the World Cup! A great result and a very worthy game. I would like to note two key nuances: a very high percentage of scoring chances realized and three goals of the players, substituted by Stanislav Cherchesov during the match. In my opinion, these are important indicators of the team’s readiness and attitude.

I watched the match on TV, as I am now at the European Fencing Confederation Executive Committee meeting. I can say that today we received a letter from the Ethics Committee of the International Fencing Federation, which considered the issue of combining the positions of the President of the ROC and the President of the EFC. The Commission stated that such a combination is permissible and does not violate any rules or regulations. So I can continue my work as the head of the Confederation.