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    The President of the ROC commented on the appointment of Oleg Matytsin as the Minister of Sport of the Russian Federation and expressed confidence that his predecessor, Pavel Kolobkov, would continue to work for the benefit of Russian sport.

    Stanislav Pozdnyakov:

    – I wish productive work for Oleg Matytsin and success in solving a wide range of tasks facing the Ministry of Sport. We have known each other for quite a long time, and I know he has all the necessary qualities of a leader able to effectively solve problems of any complexity. He is well-known and respected for his activities as president of FISU in the large Olympic family. This is definitely an advantage for the further development and strengthening of our international sports relations through the Ministry.

    An important and positive factor is also the appointment of Dmitry Chernyshenko, with his vast experience, as Deputy Chairman of the Government. I would also like to thank my colleague, Pavel Kolobkov, who led the Ministry of Sport in difficult times. I believe that he did a good job.

    Together with Olga Golodets, several important projects were implemented in terms of state policy in physical education and sport. For example, support for mass sports increased which is not so noticeable to the wider audience, but it is one of the key factors for the nation’s health. Much has been done in this direction. As a result, our athletes have demonstrated great results in major sports competitions.

    As an example, we can recall the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Pavel Kolobkov will continue to work for the benefit of Russian sport, I am sure of it!

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