Stanislav Pozdnyakov: “Preparations for the two main Olympic events in 2020 are going as planned”

The President of the Russian Olympic Committee Stanislav Pozdnyakov spoke about the main results and decisions made today during a meeting of the ROC Executive Board.

– The Executive Board approved the composition of Team Russia to participate in the 3rd Winter Youth Olympic Games, scheduled to be held in Lausanne from January 9 – 22, 2020. Our team will participate in these Games without any restrictions: everyone will perform under the Russian flag and in honor of the victories of our athletes, which I hope will be many, our country’s anthem will sound, – said Stanislav Pozdnyakov. – It will be a great and interesting experience for all our young athletes who potentially can become future Olympic champions.

During the meeting we also focused on the status and selection criteria of athletes for participation in the Olympic Games in Tokyo. The Executive Board approved the regulation on forming the Russian Olympic team for Tokyo 2020. I would like to state that our preparations for the two main Olympic events in 2020 are going as planned.

Furthermore, we touched upon the issue of our relationship with international sports organizations. The Executive Board decided to endorse the recommendation of RUSADA’s Supervisory Board on disagreement with the decision by WADA’s Executive Committee issued on December 9.

According to the established procedure, if RUSADA disagrees with the sanctions imposed by WADA’s Executive Committee, WADA must take the case to CAS as a claimant. RUSADA will be the defendant in this process. In addition, there is an opportunity for third parties to participate. The Russian Olympic Committee decided to participate in this process as a third party. We have chosen a suitable law firm with competent lawyers in order to protect our interests.

We also discussed with the All-Russian sports federations all aspects related to legal procedures following the decision by WADA’s Executive Committee, clarified the rights and options of the relevant sports federations, which determine the participation of teams in various international competitions and events. We are in constant contact with the sports federations and our athletes.