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    For the first time in two years the NOC leaders have got the opportunity to gather together to discuss current problems and challenges, the ANOC strategic development plan, and to listen to the reports of the specialized commissions. The tight agenda also included the bidding process for the ANOC World Beach Games which are planned to take place in 2023.


    The official events of the General Assembly began with the meeting of the ANOC Executive Council. Stanislav Pozdnyakov, the ROC President, addressed the colleagues as the Chairman of the Culture and Education Commission.

    – The consequences of the pandemic have had a strong impact on the work of our Commission and the implementation of the plans for 2020 and 2021. However, I am happy to report that despite the circumstances we were able to continue our productive cooperation in key areas,” Stanislav Pozdnyakov emphasized. – In December, we met online and discussed the new and, in many ways, unique opportunities that the Olympic family has received in the era of the pandemic, as well as our joint activities in education and culture. This year, our work has focused primarily on the consistent implementation of various international Olympic education programs.

    The ROC President reminded that the ANOC has long-standing partnership agreements with the Russian International Olympic University and the University of Seoul. Within its framework 58 students from 40 countries were able to study. However, the Commission noted quite a low number of NOCs applying for the program and expressed the hope that in the future the applicants would be more active. The 40 NOCs whose representatives attended the training were able to participate in a survey regarding the quality and depth of the educational process. The feedback was most positive.

    – Our Commission hopes that the results of the survey will encourage NOCs to participate even more actively in the ANOC educational programs and support the desire of young people to gain knowledge in this field,” said Stanislav Pozdnyakov. – Also, the Commission suggested creating a community of graduates where young specialists will be able to share their personal experience. For this purpose, webinars will be organized already at the beginning of next year.

    The ROC leader emphasized that the Commission members are constantly providing the NOCs with the information on the best practices in the implementation of educational and cultural projects.

    – National Olympic Committees must make the most of the unique situation when there are only a few months between the Summer and the Winter Olympic Games to promote Olympic values, culture and education around the world, – concluded Stanislav Pozdnyakov.


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    The Deputy Director General of the ROC, Head of the ROC President’s Office took part in a press conference organized by the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Russian Federation.

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    At the regular meeting of the ROC Executive Board, the preliminary results of implementing the Tokyo 2020 Program were discussed and assessed, changes were made to the Beijing 2022 Program and the Olympic Country Program for the Promotion of Mass Sport for 2019–2022.