Stanislav Pozdnyakov: “The work of regional Olympic Councils strengthens our international influence”

On the eve of the Olympic Assembly, President of ROC Stanislav Pozdnyakov and General Director Vladimir Sengleev held a meeting with the leaders of the Olympic Councils of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

– One of the most important components of the activities of the Olympic Committee of Russia is interaction with regional partners through the Olympic Councils, – Stanislav Pozdnyakov said, opening the working meeting. – In August, at the coordination meeting of the OC managers in Nizhny Novgorod, a draft Concept of regional ROC activities until 2022 was presented. The topic was also discussed as part of the VII International Forum “Russia – the Sports Power” in Ulyanovsk. Today, this document has to be approved. The Concept reflects the strategic challenges that our organization faces. Many thanks to everyone who took part in drawing up this document.

The head of ROC highlighted the main provisions of the Concept of regional activities.

– Improving the effectiveness of the interaction of the Olympic Committee of Russia with the citizens of our country, government bodies, local governments and public organizations.

– Promotion of ideas and values of Olympism throughout the country using common standards in the work of regional Olympic Councils.

– Guidance of the activities of the Olympic Councils to promote the brand and symbols of ROC, the Team of Russia and our key marketing partners.

– Along with regional authorities, the joint participation in solving the tasks set by the President of the Russian Federation, namely increasing the number of Russians who regularly go in for physical education and sports, to 55 percent by 2024.

– In the context of these tasks, we emphasize the main activities of the Olympic Councils: the popularization of the Olympic movement, the promotion of Olympic education and the spreading of Olympic knowledge among all categories of citizens,- Stanislav Pozdnyakov said. One of the most important tasks is to promote the development of top-level sports. Regional councils must ensure the success of events under the auspices of ROC. Our joint work will allow us to preserve the positive dynamics of the development of the Olympic movement in the regions of the Russian Federation.

The meeting was attended by representatives of 69 regional Olympic Councils out of 81. Two reports were presented: “On the concept of regional ROC activities for the period up to 2022” and the “Olympic Country Program for the promotion of mass sports for the period 2019-2022”.

In his speech, ROC Director General Vladimir Sengleev reminded the audience that these programs were discussed at a large meeting in Sevastopol.

– As of today, a four-year contract has been signed with PJSC Gazprom and we already know the amount of funds that will be allocated for the implementation of these projects. In January 2019, the Olympic Country program will be approved. We will announce a competition, and we will have 15 pilot regions that will hold on a different, higher level the following events: Winter Sports Day, All-Russia Olympic Day and Walking Day.

-With a totally different level of financing, we want to see a completely new format for holding these sports events. For us, the main criteria will be the support of the regional authorities, the concept and plan of preparation. We are waiting for your activity and new ideas, including the Program to assist Candidates to become Members of the Russian Olympic team and to ensure the participation of the Olympic delegation of the Russian Federation in the XXIV Olympic Winter Games 2022 in Beijing, – Vladimir Sengleev added.

During the meeting, Stanislav Pozdnyakov spoke about his meeting last Friday with IOC President Thomas Bach.

When we discussed the key moments of our interaction, Thomas Bach asked me the question “why do you have so many Olympic tips?” I had to show him the size of our country and recall the need to promote Olympic values throughout the territory of the Russian Federation″. In addition, the work of regional Olympic councils certainly strengthens our international influence.

Following the results of the meeting, the projects ″Concepts of regional activities of ROC for the period up to 2022″ and the ″Olympic Country Program for the promotion of mass sports for the period 2019-2022″ were approved. The leaders of the Olympic Councils were advised to send their comments and suggestions on the submitted projects to ROC by December 28.