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    This year, a 2-day program of the Forum has been planned and the main venue for events will be the Luzhniki Big Sports Arena. The forum is held on International Children’s Day for the fifth time with the participation of adolescents aged 14-17, representing the Russian Federation and foreign countries. To date, the National Olympic Committees of the Republic of Belarus, Armenia, Eswatini, Syria, the Gambia and Namibia have already confirmed their participation in the Forum.

    The main tasks of the Forum are as follows:

    – promoting the development of international humanitarian cooperation in the context of anti-Russian sanctions;

    – strengthening the image of the Russian Olympic Committee as an organization that defends the true values of sports and the traditions of the Olympic movement;

    – providing support for young athletes who have been illegally deprived of the right to compete in international competitions;

    – educating and imparting in young athletes a proper attitude to the values of sports and the Olympic movement, including friendship, respect and the pursuit of excellence not only in sports, but also in life;

    – motivating young athletes to adhere to the key principles of clean sport (life without doping) and fair play, as well as maintaining a personal impeccable reputation.

    The grand opening of the International Forum of Young Olympians will take place on June 1 at 11:00 am at the Luzhniki Big Sports Arena (VIP A). The leadership of Russian sport and well-known statesmen will address the participants during the welcoming speech.


    ROC President statements 19 May 2023
    Stanislav Pozdnyakov: “At the Executive Committee of the ROC on May 25, we will form recommendations to federations on participation in events of international sports organizations”

    The ROC president addressed the participants of the International Economic Forum “Russia – Islamic World” in Kazan.

    News feed 13 May 2023
    The Russian Union of Athletes and the Council of Sports Veterans of Uzbekistan became partners

    On May 13, Secretary General of the Russian Olympic Committee Rodion Plitukhin, President of the Russian Union of Athletes David Musulbes and First Vice President of the Russian Union of Athletes Tatyana Logunova paid a working visit to the National Olympic Committee of Uzbekistan in Tashkent.

    News feed 2 May 2023
    Rodion Plitukhin was elected Vice-President of the Children of Asia International Committee

    On May 2, a meeting of the Board of the Children of Asia International Committee was held, within the framework of which the issue of electing a new Vice-President was considered.