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    Due to the threat of the new coronavirus infection in Moscow (2019-nCoV), the Russian Olympic Committee, by prioritizing the healthcare of its employees, the employees of Russian sports federations and other organizations located in the ROC building, hereby informs on the introduction of a special standby regime in the ROC building.

    In accordance with the recommendations of the World Health Organization and Rospotrebnadzor, the Federal Law “On the Protection of the Population and Territories from Natural and Technogenic Emergencies” and the Decree of the Mayor of Moscow dated 05.03.2020, starting from 13.03.2020, new visiting rules are to be introduced temporarily, restrictions on holding events are to come into force and several additional necessary measures are to be taken to counter the spread of coronavirus.

    Compulsory hygienic treatment of hands is to be established at the entrance of the ROC building, as well as in the interior premises of shared use.

    All structural divisions of the ROC, Russian sports federations and other organizations renting premises in the building of the Russian Olympic Committee will be equipped with electronic medical thermometers for measuring body temperature, as well as disinfectants (antibacterial wipes, etc.).

    Restrictions are to be introduced on the issuance of one-time passes for entry into the building of the ROC, as well as for any group events (official and unofficial) in the ROC.

    All food outlets are to be placed into compliance with special precautions and preventive measures, and the necessary information is to be relayed to responsible organizations.

    During the entire period until a special order is issued, a medical team will be on standby duty in the ROC, mainly to provide first aid, if necessary, and general sanitary control.

    The ROC services responsible for cleaning the premises are to be placed into intensive operation with the cleaning frequency of at least two hours.

    Also, the leadership of the Russian Olympic Committee has issued an order for all ROC employees on the following:

    – oblige the heads of structural divisions of the ROC to ensure the daily measurement of body temperature for all employees using electronic medical thermometers. If cases of fever are detected, immediately send workers to medical institutions at their places of residence, in emergency cases (at a body temperature of 39 degrees – call an ambulance).

    – oblige ROC employees who visited countries where cases of coronavirus were registered to inform about their return to the Russian Federation, and provide details on the place, dates of stay in these countries, as well as contact information on the Moscow city hotline (+7-495-870-45-09) . When the first respiratory symptoms appear, immediately seek medical help at home without visiting a medical organization. Comply with the orders of sanitary doctors to stay in isolation at home and practice social distancing.

    – oblige employees arriving from China, South Korea, Italy, Iran, France, Germany, Spain, as well as other states with registered coronavirus infections, to conduct self-isolation at home for a period of 14 days from the date of return to the Russian Federation (do not attend work, minimize visits to public places).

    For all ROC employees, until further notice, all foreign working trips and business trips are to be temporarily canceled. It is recommended to temporarily limit any travel abroad for personal purposes. In case of foreign trips in the near future, the employee’s personal liability in the form of self-isolation upon return for a period of 14 days comes into force.

    The Russian Olympic Committee asks that the measures introduced and recommendations put forward be carefully considered and taken seriously, particularly when it comes to certain restrictions. We consider all the above steps necessary in order to ensure the safety of our employees, colleagues and guests of the Russian Olympic Committee. We count on your understanding.


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