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    The candidacy of the Secretary General of the ROC Rodion Plitukhin was unanimously approved by the members of the Board. Marat Bariev, who previously held the post of Vice-President, was elected an honorary member of the Children of Asia International Committee. Also at the meeting, the application of NOC Belarus for participation in the 8th International Sports Games “Children of Asia”, which will be held in 2024 in Yakutsk, was considered. The board members decided to admit young Belarusian athletes to the Games.

    Vladimir Maksimov, President of the Children of Asia International Committee summed up the results of the meeting:

    – The team of the Republic of Belarus successfully took part in the 2nd Winter International Sports Games “Children of Asia” in Kuzbass. The decision of the Board on the admission of the team to participate in the 8th International Sports Games “Children of Asia” in Yakutsk is due to the fact that we adhere to the mission of the Games, which is to promote Olympic values and develop youth sports. Children should have the opportunity to compete in events with peers from other countries, because such an experience will undoubtedly be useful to them in high-performance sport.

    – Today we have also chosen a new Vice-President of the Children of Asia International Committee. The nomination of Rodion Plitukhin by the Russian Olympic Committee, one of our founders, indicates that great hopes have been placed on our Committee and its projects. This also implies boosting the presence of the founder in the activities of the organization and we deeply appreciate this. We hope that work will continue in the same unified vein as in all previous years, – said Vladimir Maksimov.

    The 8th International Sports Games “Children of Asia” are scheduled to be held from June 25 to July 7, 2024. The total number of participants in the Games can be up to 3,000 participants aged 13 to 16. In addition to the traditional 17 sports of the Summer Games, at the initiative of Yakutia, the program of the 8th “Children of Asia” Games will include 4 additional sports – clay shooting, chess, kickboxing and dance sport, including the Breaking discipline. At the suggestion of the Organizing Committee, the abstract strategy board game Go was also included.


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    The President of the ROC commented on the recent statement of the head of the IOC Thomas Bach.

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    ROC Secretary General took part in the presentation of the International Sports Games “Children of Asia-2024”

    The III Summit of Young Professionals in Sport concluded in Bangkok, focusing primarily on the development of children’s sports across the Asian continent.

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    The ROC President visited a training session of the youth squads of the Rostov-Don women’s handball club as part of the Educational Forum in the capital of the Rostov Region.