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     Our organization unites outstanding Olympians of different times and generations, of different nationalities and origins. Many of them were contemporaries of global political crises, military conflicts and political demarches.  But always and everywhere, while adhering to and cherishing the Olympic traditions and values, the Olympic spirit and the unifying power of sport, they advocated for peace, equality and consolidation of the Olympic community.

    The bombings and ethnic cleansing in Yugoslavia, military operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, genocide in Africa, Asia, Latin America. All of this has happened only a short time ago. NATO countries played the role of the ruler of destinies almost everywhere, causing the deaths of thousands of people, including innocent civilians. But we do not remember the international Olympic movement or any Russian athletes taking the initiative to ban their colleagues from those countries that were directly involved in military operations on the territories of other states on some pretext or other.

    Sport has always been an ambassador of peace and goodwill, creating opportunities to help resolve any conflicts. That is the mission of the modern Olympic movement. That was what we thought a few days ago, until the International Olympic Committee and a number of international sports federations, without any legitimate grounds and in violation of all regulatory documents have decided to deprive Russian and Belarusian athletes of their legal right to participate in competitions.

    Before our eyes, a tragic destruction of the Olympic family, of which we have always been proud to be a part, is taking place to please political demands and biased external influence. We are strongly against the sports genocide of the Russian and Belarusian athletes.  We appeal to all responsible and involved persons and organizations. Reconsider your latest decisions! From the historical point of view, they are disastrous to the Olympic community. And they unambiguously make it clear that no athlete today can be confident in the protection and, even more so, in the guarantees of their rights.  If in the present we are unable to maintain unity and mutual understanding, then in the near future the most negative consequences of this confrontation await us.


    Events with ROC support 20 December 2022
    ROC awards heroes of Tokyo and Beijing Games

    On December 20, the Forum of Champions and Medal Winners for the 2020 and 2022 Olympic Games was held in Moscow. One of the most important events was the ceremony organized by the Russian Olympic Committee to honor the winners in 17 different categories.

    News feed 20 December 2022
    Stanislav Pozdnyakov is elected President of the ROC for a second term

    Elections to the governing bodies of the Russian Olympic Committee were held today in Moscow as part of the Olympic meeting.

    ROC President statements 20 December 2022
    Stanislav Pozdniakov Speech at the 2022 Olympic Meeting

    At today’s Annual Olympic Meeting in Moscow, the President of the ROC made a report on the activities of the Russian Olympic Committee in the period from 2018 to 2022.