IOC and ROC partners learned about the new features of the marketing program of the Russian Olympic Committee

In the Innovation Center of the Russian Olympic Committee a business breakfast of the Russian Olympic Committee Marketing Partners Club was held. It was attended by representatives of the IOC TOP partners and national marketing partners of the Russian Olympic Committee, as well as invited guests – representatives of companies interested in cooperation with the Russian Olympic Committee.

Head of the Marketing and Commercial Programs Dept. of the ROC Dmitry Manevich told about the goals and tasks of the Team Russia project, the strategic objectives of marketing activity of the ROC in 2018, and the situation with the participation of Russian sportsmen in the 2018 Olympic Games, the status of the ROC and the rights of marketing partners.

“On 5 January we received an official letter from the International Olympic Committee concerning the marketing activities of the ROC and our partners during the Games in Pyeongchang. The IOC confirmed that the restrictions apply only to the Russian athletes at the Games and in no way affect the rights of our marketing partners. The ROC, as well as our partners has a full right to perform any marketing communications using the symbols of the ROC and Team Russia on the territory of our country. We communicated this information to our guests”, said Dmitry Manevich.

Head of the Event Marketing and Communications Dept. Julia Dogadina informed the guests about the activities of the ROC to promote the Olympic movement, which will be implemented in 2018 with the participation of Olympic Champions and prize-winners of different years. First of all it is the Winter Sports Day, the All-Russian Olympic Day, National Walking Day, Olympic patrol and the traditional Olympians Ball. Another project  called the Olympic Changes was presented by bright videos. The guests learned about the marketing opportunities the ROC offers in the framework of these projects.

Head of the ROC Information Service Konstantin Vybornov has introduced a new unified internet portal of Team Russia and the ROC TV (, and also spoke about the opportunities for partnership integrations that appeared in connection with the launch of unique information and entertainment resource for a huge audience of Russian fans and sport lovers.

Business Development Director of the ROC official ticket agent – the Jet Set Sports RU company Olesya Bezhina introduced the hospitality program, which was developed by the company for the Pyeongchang Olympic Games.

After the question  session the participants informally discussed the issues related to Olympic marketing communications, shared plans of sports activities for the current year.

Victoria Antonova, Head of Marketing Communications Department, Toyota:

“As a new member of the Partnership Club, we would like to meet more often with colleagues to exchange views and experience. Today’s event was substantial. We have received full information about the plans of the Russian Olympic Committee for 2018. Now our  top priority is interaction between the partners, including in cooperation with the ROC”.

Marina Artyukh, Public Relations and Communications Manager, Siberian Health Corporation:

“It was a very useful and relevant event. On the eve of the Olympic Games we had a lot of questions, and today we received clear answers. Now we understand the priorities of the ROC.  In particular, we found the Olympic Museum project very attractive. Also, the social projects of the Russian Olympic Committee seem interesting”.

Irina Batanina, Marketing Communications Manager, the Coca-Cola Company:

“The event was very useful with a lot of new information. We learned about the new portal Team Russia about the Team Russia brand. When starting a new global project the most difficult thing is to keep interest at a high level for long. In this respect the Russian Olympic Committee, as a non-profit organizations, has more opportunities. Besides that, the main participants of the Team of Russia project are athletes, and they are always there with the Olympic Movement, which makes it easier”.