Representatives of NOC Tajikistan received training at RIOU

As part of the Olympic educational program, implemented by the Russian International Olympic University (RIOU) in cooperation with ROC, participants were offered a new course “Creating a Development Strategy for a Sports Organization”. The course was compiled on the basis of feedback and suggestions from students and was included into the university curriculum for the first time this academic year.

The course “Creating a Development Strategy for a Sports Organization” was conceived by the authors as a practical, applied management tool for all sports managers who need to expand their knowledge of an organization’s strategic management, learn how to effectively use strategic development tools and put into practice methods of analyzing the activity of a sports organization, its mission and values.

All students of the program were recommended for training by the Olympic Councils of their respective regions, and their candidacies were agreed with the Russian Olympic Committee.

Participants included sports managers from Novosibirsk, Tyumen, St. Petersburg, Perm, Ulyanovsk, Sochi, and the Murmansk region. At the invitation of ROC, representatives of NOC Tajikistan took part in the training as well.

The educational program actively used interactive teaching methods and within a short period of time all the participants, under the guidance of coaches, were able to develop strategies for sports organizations that they represented.

Participants highly praised the content of the program and the work of the speakers. According to Dmitry Tuchkov, a representative of the Center for Physical Education, Sports and Health of the Nevsky District of St. Petersburg, the course left very positive impressions.

– We managed to learn a lot of new things from the lecturers, and all the information obtained during the training is very relevant and interesting. Now I have the opportunity to reach a new, higher level in my professional activity. I will definitely recommend this program to my colleagues, – said Dmitry Tuchkov.

– I am grateful to the Russian Olympic Committee and the Russian International Olympic University for the opportunity to study under this essential program. I received a lot of new knowledge, important and useful information and we are already preparing to discuss the introduction of new management technologies with management and colleagues in Dushanbe, – said Furkon Abdulloev, a representative of NOC Tajikistan.