Results of Kvartiriada 2020

The contest of the Russian Olympic Committee “Kvartiriada 2020” has come to an end. From April 30 to May 14, its participants filmed videos on invented sports that could be practiced at home during the self-isolation regime. The jury, determining the best works, consisted of famous champions Svetlana Romashina, Evgenia Medvedeva and Nikita Nagorny.

According to the terms of the contest, the videos had to be posted on Instagram with the hashtag #Kvartiriada2020, as well as the organizer’s account @olympic_russia. Moreover, video quality was not that important – videos shot on mobile phones were equally evaluated with those shot on professional cameras. The main criteria for the jury were the novelty and originality of the ideas, as well as the creativity of the videos.

Kvartiriada 2020 was launched by the champion of the 2018 Summer Youth Olympic Games in break-dance Sergey Chernyshev, who gave a perfect performance of mop jumps onto the bed. Dmitry Guberniev was responsible for commenting during the opening ceremony which was broadcast live on the ROC’s official Instagram account.

The competition received a huge amount of feedback from users, including professional athletes. Figure skaters Ekaterina Bobrova and Adelina Sotnikova (Olympic champions), gymnast Vera Biryukova, Alexandra Patskevich and Alla Shishkina (synchronized swimming), and many other famous athletes, presented their new sports to the public.

The jury of the Kvartiriada, which included five-time Olympic champion Svetlana Romashina, two-time silver medallist of the Olympic Games Yevgeny Medvedev and silver medallist of the Olympic Games Nikita Nagorny, had a tough job – to determine the best top ten from around 400 videos made for this novel contest, and then award first, second and third place.

The winners are:

First Place

Family all-round from __katyuha__

Second Place

Dog races from olguchanaglucha

Third Place

Shooting with candy from dashalitau

They will all receive prizes from the Russian Olympic Committee – sets of Team Russia outfits.

Team Russia talismans will also be presented to the following users who made it into the top ten:

  • Fork throwing from rogonov_alex
  • Mop canoeing from nelya_tak
  • Domathlon from alimovskya
  • Family boxing from maksim_kupcov
  • Swimming on bedsheets from nadezhda_nogovitsina
  • Hockey with spades from ivan_s_pautov
  • Woodling from julig_17

The ROC would like to thank all parties involved in Kvartiriada 2020. The contest was supported by the General sponsor of the ROC – global energy company Gazprom, the General partner of the ROC – Russia’s largest airline Aeroflot, the official outfitter of the Russian Olympic team ZASPORT, as well as the Partner of the ROC – mining and metallurgical company Nornickel.

The ROC would also like to thank its licensee: Igramir toy factory for providing prizes for the contest #Kvartiriada 2020.