RIOU begins training courses as part of IOC’s Olympic Solidarity NOC management programme

On September 8, the Moscow branch of the Russian International Olympic University (RIOU) opened its doors to the first class of IOC’s Olympic Solidarity educational programme — National Training Courses for Sports Administrators. By the end of 2020, four courses are planned to be implemented.

The participants of the three-day programme are representatives of national sports federations and Olympic councils. Due to the current restrictive measures as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, it is currently not possible to invite representatives of foreign countries to participate in these educational programmes, however, as soon as the restrictions are lifted, the ROC will send the relevant invitations.

Each course is designed for instructing 30 students. In accordance with the recommendation of the International Olympic Committee, the principles of gender equality are strictly observed when forming groups.

The course programme is based on the IOC’s textbook “Sport administration manual, which was translated into Russian. The courses cover the most relevant topics in the Olympic system: principles, structure and leadership of the Olympic movement, athletes as the heart of the Olympic movement, promoting the Olympic values, ethical issues in doping, sports law, managing the sports organizations, as well as the organization of sport in Russia, the history of the ROC and its participation in the Olympic movement.

The course programme includes not only lectures, but also provides for active professional dialogue during the learning process. Upon completion of instruction, all students who have successfully mastered the programme will receive certificates from the International Olympic Committee and the Russian International Olympic University.

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The National Training Courses for Sports Administrators is a part of the 3-level educational strategy of Olympic Solidarity proposed for implementation to the NOCs. It is an essential tool for anyone involved in the management and administration of sports organizations and organizing sports events.

This programme helps sports administrators of the National Olympic Committees, National Federations and other organizations responsible for the development of sport in their respective countries to work more effectively, efficiently and successfully within the Olympic and sport movements. Students are offered valuable information on specific sports issues such as sports administration, athlete development, the promoting Olympic values, and other topics of interests. The course is ideal for elected officials, administrators, volunteers, employees and other professionals involved in sports administration around the world.