ROC Innovation Center released a manual on fitness tests

As part of the “Olympic Education” series with support from the Russian Olympic Committee, a manual on tests for assessing various aspects of athletes’ fitness was published. It was prepared by the ROC Innovation Center.

The publication contains tests to determine the physical, technical and psychological form of athletes, as well as the function of motor control and morphological status.

The brochure also contains unique tests that were developed for the implementation of special projects of the Russian Olympic Committee “Hypoxia” and “Dynamic electromyostimulation.” Methods for controlling training loads are presented separately.

Each test is accompanied with a detailed description, a list of equipment, a test report and a list of measured parameters.

The manual is the result of summarizing many years of practical experience by ROC Innovation Center specialists in the direction of scientific and methodological support of national teams in sports like archery, tennis, wrestling, sailing, canoe slalom, triathlon, speed skating, biathlon and many others.

The scientific and methodological materials used were based on the work of authoritative Russian and foreign experts in the search for available indicators that would allow to monitor the process of training athletes in Olympic sports.

The new manual will be useful, first of all, for coaches of sports teams, heads of complex scientific groups and other specialists involved in the training of highly-qualified athletes.