ROC presented 32 sets of football uniforms to Serbia’s team

Today, a delegation of the Russian Olympic Committee visited the town of Zvornik, located on the territory of Serbia, about 130 kilometers from Sarajevo, where the XIV European Youth Olympic Winter Festival is taking place.

Representatives of ROC presented 32 sets of football uniforms as gifts to the Buduchnost team playing in the second league of the local championship. The ceremonial presentation of the sports outfits took place at the club stadium in the village of Pilica with the participation of the Ambassador of Russia in the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina Peter Ivantsov, the Minister for Family and Sport of Serbia Sonia Davidovich, the mayor of Zvornik Zoran Stevanovic and the chairman of NGO Eastern Alternative Voin Pavlovic.

ROC’s delegation at the event was headed by the Deputy Secretary General and Head of the International Relations Office Yury Yuryev.

He noted that the Russian Olympic Committee readily responded to the proposal of the Russian Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina to assist the football team representing friendly Serbia.

– We hope that this modest contribution to the development of football in your region will help strengthen relations between our peoples, not only in sports, but also in other areas of activity, – said Yuri Yuryev.

The Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Peter Ivantsov, thanked the Russian Olympic Committee for their cooperation in strengthening peace and stability in the Balkans and wished success to the Russian athletes performing at the European Youth Olympic Festival in Sarajevo.

Mayor Zvornik Zoran Stevanovic said that Russia has always helped the Serbian people. – You are our hope and support, we appreciate your support and we reciprocate it, – said the mayor, adding that recently the twin city of Zvornik has become Kolchugino, a small town in the Vladimir region.

The meeting ended with a friendly dinner, during which the parties exchanged memorable gifts and souvenirs.