ROC publishing projects

The Russian Olympic Committee has released a new educational and methodological manual. It is based on the materials of training courses for coaches and analyzes the relevant issues of training in cyclic sports.

“Publishing is an important area of work that the ROC conducts in order to provide scientific and methodological support for the Olympic education system and the development of high-achievement sports,” said Alexander Grushin, deputy head of the Main Directorate for ensuring participation in Olympic sports events of the ROC. “The new manual covers a wide range of issues related to the specifics of training in summer and winter cyclic sports.”

The materials of leading Russian and foreign specialists, including representatives of sports science and practicing coaches of Russian national teams, are presented in the manual consisting of 250 pages. Such publications are intended not only for representatives of All-Russian sports federations and organizations related to high-achievement sports, but also for participants of the coaching educational project (CEP), launched in 2019 and implemented by the Russian Olympic Committee at the Russian International Olympic University (RIOU).

Thanks to the ROC’s project Olympic Education, numerous books have been published that can definitely be classified as bestsellers. Examples include: “General Theory of Sports and its Applied Aspects” by Lev Matveev, “Programming and organizing the Training Process” by Yuri Verkhoshansky, “Physical Qualities of an Athlete: Basics of Theory and Methods of Education” by Vladimir Zatsiorsky, “Fundamentals of Strength Training in Sport” by Anatoly Bondarchuk, “Sports Nutritionology” by Alexander Dmitriev and Larisa Gunina, “Fundamentals of Anti-Doping Support in Sport” by Evgeny Achkasov and Eduard Bezuglov.

The Olympic Education series also includes two bibliographic abstract bulletins on “Issues relating to Olympic training abroad”, providing a brief analytical review of books, scientific and methodical works as well as concepts of foreign authors published on this topic from various countries across the world.

Two large scientific works of Vladimir Platonov, one of the leading experts in the field of sports science, were published separately: “Motor Qualities and Physical Fitness of Athletes” and “Management of Athlete Training for the Olympic Games.”

Since 2016, the Russian Olympic Committee has given particular attention to studying the issues of athlete adaptation to the venues of the Summer and Winter Olympic Games. Based on scientific and methodological recommendations for the Games in Pyeongchang, two books were published covering topics of chronobiological, climate and geographic adaptations of highly qualified athletes in cyclic and complex coordination sports disciplines. Research was carried out during the period 2016-2018 in various sports and formed the basis for the 750-page monograph.

The scientific and methodological materials accumulated during the implementation of the project “Studying the specifics of chronobiological, climate and geographic adaptation of highly qualified athletes in conditions of the venues for the Games of the XXXII Olympiad 2020 in Tokyo (Japan)” were made into recommendations for the participants of the Games, published as separate manuals for biomedical specialists, doctors and coaches.